Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

This week we had a lot of success on seeing members.  Numbers don't show, but on Christmas Eve we were with Bro. Gomez who is the high priest leader in our ward.  We went with him to visit members in the ward.  We had 5 RCLA [Recent Convert / Less Active?] from that but we saw a total of 17 families with him.  It was pretty awesome.  As well we had dinner with bro Gomez and our ward mission leader that night so Bro. Gomez had somewhere to have dinner with someone.

On Christmas we went over to Bishop Hammond's house and had lunch and Skyped our families.  When we got there we got to make cookies, so it was fun.  I chose Bishop because we haven't met him really so I thought this would be a perfect chance to talk with him for a little bit and get to know him.  And that went well.  After that we left and tried to see James and Karen and wish them merry Christmas.  And we saw a few others and had dinner with Alex.  So it was a good day.

Then on Saturday we went and saw some PTs [?] after which we had lunch and then we got picked by Brothers Outlaw, Fragher and Pickney.  We went to a few of our appointments with them.  One of us and one of the brothers would teach and the others would find.  We were pretty successful doing that.

So [here is] a crazy story.  On Sunday as we were riding our bikes to a dinner appointment.  A black Mercedes Benz hit me while I was riding my bike!!!!  No bones broken, no stitches, no brain damage, just a black Mercedes Benz with a white streak on his front bumper!!!  Ha ha!  We shared a card with him as well before we left!  For all of those concerned about the bike, it is fine as well and still rides great!

Thank you all for the letter and such that you have sent to me!

Making cookies at Bishop Hammond's house

Elder Schienk one of my favorite elders out here

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!,

Wow!  Christmas is here and it’s like 70 degrees outside!  It really doesn't feel like Christmas.  We need some snow and then it would be Christmas.

It’s been pretty exciting though.  We have had a lot of fun.  Last Wednesday I got my new companion.  His name is Elder Reber from Enterprise Utah which is North of St. George about an hour.

This week we went to town on finding [investigators] and getting to know the members.  My last companion had been here for six months before me so he already knew everyone.  I didn't get to meet very many people [in the short time we were together].  But we had tried to see as many members and find a whole lot.  And we were able to see the fruits of our labors.  We found some really awesome [investigators] to teach.

Christmas we have our plans all figured out.  Thursday we will do weekly planning after which we have an appointment with a man and we are going to see a bunch of people.  From like 1pm until our dinner appointment at like 7 we are going to see people with him.  Then on Christmas we are going to open packages then go over to the bishop’s house and skype [home].  Then that night we are going to eat dinner with a family.  Those are our plans so hopefully we will stay busy the hardest time of the year for missionary work.  Oh, also, we have a Christmas zone conference.

Anyways hope all is well have a very merry Christmas!!!  Love ya all!

Warm Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

More Teaching with Elder Facey

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas!!!  This week was awesome!  Elder Crockett hurt his ankle [now awesome that he hurt his ankle] so he got to go with elder Ashworth and I got to go with elder Facey for the week which was awesome!  Because me and Facey are tight like that.  But we were able to get a lot done even on bike.  Elder Facey and I are really good at is teaching in unity.  We had a lot of teaching we had to do this week.  We were rocking it as the spirit was there as we both testified!  It was really exciting.

One of the people we were able to teach was Michelle.  Michelle is a lady who has been investigating for ten years now and is finally ready to be baptized and we were able to put her on date.  So she is planning on getting baptized after the Christmas-“ness”.

We also taught this man who is really nice.  He has a lot of potential.   Our lesson began with talking about different philosophy of our church compared with others.   That was great but it was just a conversion but we were able to bring it back to talking about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  It was really awesome!   Over all this week we had a lot of success.

Well it’s transfer week and it looks like I will be staying here and I will be getting a new companion.  So it works out pretty good.

This week I've been studying Abinadi's talk to King Noah.  In short it’s like 2 Nephi 31 but more in depth.  It’s really awesome.  If you want to really and get deep with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Read Mosiah 11-17.  In Chapter 18 Alma preaching to the people what he heard from Abinadi.
Oh, as well, last p-day we went to Pediment Park in down town Atlanta.  We had a lot of fun.  

Thank you all for your love and support!

p.s. Oh, btw it’s been 70 dgrees here I've been wearing just a white shirt and tie.  Sorry for those of you in Utah that are really cold...
Last p-day in the park with mid town behind me

Monday, December 7, 2015

Exchanges with Elder Facey

Hello Everyone,

Well this week was the struggle... haha, but it’s ok because I had the opportunity to get to go on exchanges with the one and only Elder Facey from England.  Elder Facey and I go way back in the mission.  I served with him in Burnt hickory for about three months and now we are kick 'in it over here in Brockett again at the same time of year.  So it’s awesome!

So we had a good miracle that happened.  Elder Facey and I had some down time before going into an appointment.  So he being here longer than I, he knew some members who just moved in and said they had been struggling, so we went [to visit].  The wife was home but said come back later tonight, I have a family I want you guys to meet!  So we went to our appointment with Kevin who was a referral from some sisters in the North mission.  Elder Facey and I had a great lesson with him.  We are meeting with him again this Tuesday.  After our appointment with Kevin, we went back over and met this family the member wanted us to meet and they we were really nice and open to learn.  Unfortunately, they cannot speak English so the member had to help us.  But we were able to hand [them off to] the Spanish elders.

Then my companion got sick, so the rest of the week was rest.  We got our car back so that is good too.

Elder Herrera - Saw him last night. He was just made zone leader
Elder Facey

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Splits With Elder From Guyana

Hey everyone,

This one is going to be short.  But we had a great week this week with lots of turkey and fun.  This week I went on exchanges with an elder from Guyana, which is right by you dad [next door to Venezuela]!!  Anyway it was fun!

Love you all have a great week!!!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Goooood BBQ!

Hello everyone,

This week was a good one.  We were able to see our investigators and see a lot of members.   We had a curve ball come at us.  Our car has been broken down but we managed to get [missionary] work done.  We found this really cool guy.  We were finding around the Bola's and we were walking back to the car and this young man called out to us and asked for a watch tower.  We told him we were not J W but we asked him if we could say a pray with him.  He let us and then we were able to invite him to church.  He was super excited to learn about the gospel.

This week we also got to go to the temple and have a zone training.  Saturday night we were on our bikes riding home and elder Ashworth was like, “hey there's this guy who cooks bbq every weekend.  I want to try it!”  So we stop by his grill and got us some.  It was sooooo gooood!!!!  Hickory wood chips are the secret to good bbq as well a good recipe for the sauce.
Thank you for all that you [do]!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Long Letter This Week

Hello Everyone,

This past week was a blur the longer I am out the faster time flies!!!  I'm going to have to start taking Bro. Wilcox’s advice and start counting the days!

Last P-day, after we emailed, we went to Five Guys for lunch.  When you don't have a lot of money for the month, Five Guys is not a place to go.  But it was really good!  And finally we have a Walmart in our area!!!  Yes!  Anyways, we went and played basketball and chair soccer with a few elders in the zone.  After which, since the week before was such a weird week and we were not able to plan like we had hoped, we finished planning.

Tuesday, as usual, we had district meeting.  We talked about how we need to show our love to the members and our investigators by our diligence.  We been trying to get David on a team up with us but every time we go see someone they are not home.  So we just went over to his place and talked to him about the Melchizedek priesthood.  After which we went finding for the rest of the day!  We had dinner with the Segovia's.  Sister Segovia is a really good cook.  She make us chipotle salad.  Really good family.  The kid are baptized but the mom and dad are not.

Wednesday we helped the elders [quorum] with some service with Sis Brice and a charity that she runs.  We helped move a few things for her.  Later that day we went and saw the Flores family.  Big family.  We are trying to get them back into church because the oldest daughters are not baptized and they need to come to church.  Thursday we had dinner with the Hardy's.  Another really nice family.  Bro. Hardy was the previous ward mission leader.  After dinner we hurried over to Twin oaks to do a baptism interview.   Long story short is that the zone leaders taught the so we had to do it [interviews].   But he wasn't there so it was for not.   But I got to talk to Sis Lund who I had not gotten to talked to since we left the mtc.

Friday we went and saw Cody who is studying to be a preacher.  We tried to talk to him.  After we talked to him we bounced and did some finding for a long time then we finally were able to see Mahonad to do the baptism interview.  I'm glad it wasn't me who had to do it because this kid could barely speak English.  He was originally from Africa so he's still learning English.  Then we went over to Alex Rodriguez’ house and had dinner with him.  Funny story.  So they gave us this soup and it was pretty good for me but I guess my companion had a pig’s foot in his so he was [not] to happy about it.  Haha!  Whatever!!!  Then we met with Bro. Fraugher, Outlaw and David.  We are teaching them about the priesthood because they are about to get the Melchizedek priesthood.  We are there making sure they don't teach each other false doctrine.  But they are a whole lot of fun!  Last time Bro. Fraugher rapped for me about missionaries going and sharing the gospel!

Saturday we did some service by raking leaves for this part member family.   Welcome to Georgia!  We raked 23 bags of leaves.  But we got doughnuts, so it was worth it.  Did finding for the rest of the day.  There was a dance at the church building for all the stakes in the mission so we decided that we needed to go to the bathroom because we were far away from our apartment.   All I have to say bad idea,

Sunday was pretty awesome.  We had a lot of meeting so we didn't get much done but we were able to get in contact with one of our investigators again.  Names are Fanny and Victor.  We hope to bring someone Spanish speaking along.

We had a miracle on Sunday.  We were sitting in ward counsel when I got text from someone saying, "Hey how’s your morning?  Do you know what time the reunion is at?"  And then again before I could reply with anything she said, "And can you send me the Address?"  So was like yeah we are going to get an investigator to church this Sunday and we don't even know who it’s going to be!  So I asked Elder Ashworth what the church address was and then I texted her the Address and time.  Boom!  We were sitting in sacrament meeting and she texted, "I'm running a bit late."  So we were like yes!  Someone’s coming!   Anyways to keep a long story short it turned out to be a less active who had not been to church in years.

Thank you for reading my email and Merry Christmas!

Zone Conference with Elder Zwick

No Soccer in Georgia!

Raking Lots of Leaves

Monday, November 9, 2015

Welcome to Norcross, Georgia!

Hello everyone,

Well as many of you know, I have left the very small town of Jackson, GA and I am now in Norcross, GA, right above Atlanta.  But it is really nice because there are apartments for “days” and lots of streets and lots of members to work with so I will never run out of things to do!   Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to a lot of people that I loved in Jackson.

But the other cool part is Elder Ashworth [New companion?] was in Jackson right before me!  So we've been able to talk about and joke about all the places and people that we both got to work with.

This week has been crazy.  First we had transfers and then we got to [check] out the area and found out my English friend Elder Facey was here!!!  What!  So that was pretty sick.   Our car battery died, so we had to go to the car dealership to get a new one.  [We did] that was this morning.   Since I’ve been here, in Norcross I've been sick (flu), but it’s all part of being a missionary.  [I am] super excited for this area.

Thanks for reading my email!

Shout out to the Knolls!!!  I miss you guys!

Here is my current address:

Elder Compton
712 Ardsley Place
Norcross, GA 30093

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Transfer - New Address

Elder Compton's new mailing address:

Elder Tyler Compton
712 Ardsley Place
Norcross, GA 30093

Also posted in the bar to the right.

Monday, November 2, 2015

So Long Jackson, Georgia!

Hello everyone,

This week was a good week.  We were so blessed to have two exchanges that we got to go on.  First one was with Elder Richardson.  He really helped me out and blessed me.

[This past week] we were able to teach Levi and Joyce.  We taught them a powerful restoration lesson.  They are still a few weeks out on getting their birth certificates.  Then we had to get a ride up to Stockbridge from the Sadlers [for the exchanges].  They went and [inspected] apartments [while waiting for us.]  Elder Waite and Elder Richardson went finding while Elder Hansen and I did “Twelve Weeks” together.  Then on Friday I got to do an exchange with [Elder] Alade.  It was a lot of fun.  We went finding in Monticello.  Elder Alade was my trainer so we enjoyed it.

I am going to a new area this Wednesday.  So long Jackson, off to a new adventure!

Thank you all

With Elder Zwick

Monday, October 26, 2015

Successful Branch Party!

Hello Everyone,

This week was amazing we had an activity, the Jackson Fall Party. We had it at the Knight’s barn and it was a success!!! We had about 120 people there! Everyone had a great time.  We had 9 nonmembers there as well.  The Wicklunds who I have been working with for 5 months now finally came to a church activity!  Yes!  It was a miracle that she and her husband came to it.  That was the best part of the week for me.  Plus she didn't just show up, she was talking with everyone there, which was awesome.  On Sunday unfortunately we did not have 120 people but we have seen an improvement with attendance.

We were not able to get in touch with Debby this week.  She wasn't there the two times we stopped by her place but we are still hoping to meet with her husband soon.

Elder Zwick really help me out and the whole spiritually progression chart was really insightful. So with that I am striving to study what is important and to be as obedient as I can so that I can have the spirit to be with me!  

Shout out to Bro. Marchman!

Thank you all for reading this email!

I don't know what this really is but I got a picture of it!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Branch Party

Hello everyone,

We went and taught Debby twice this week.  On Saturday we talked to her and invited her to church.  Anyway, long story short, she came to church again!!!   She was very actively engaged in the lesson in Gospel Principles and stayed for the whole three hours!   I forgot to also include that she has been reading the Book of Mormon as well and moving right along.  

Wednesday we went finding in Monticello because I've [gone finding] most places here other than Monticello.  We found a few people we can go and see, so I am excited for that.

This coming week we have a branch party over at the Knight’s.  We are hoping to have  many investigators there.  This will be a great opportunity for fellowshipping in the branch with investigators.

Sunday was a great [day] for us and the branch.  We had a about 53 people at church and we had 4 investigators at church as well!  For me the most important key indicators are reading the Book of Mormon, member Present [lessons], and Investigators at church.  These three are super important to me and I try my hardest to accomplish them.

Thank you for reading this email!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello Ya 'all,

I think this week our investigators were hiding from us!  No not really. We just had a hard time meeting with any of them.   Something I have notice in this area and since our president has been here we have seen miracles with the Book of Mormon!  I don't think I have ever had this many of my investigators actually reading as much [as they are doing now].

This week we were able to find a few more people than we have usually been able too.  That went really well.  Also at sacrament meeting, we had 57 people at church which was really awesome, about 7 less actives who had not been in a very long time.  I also think having the senior couple here has helped a lot which has been a blessing in our work.

We were able to see Debby who came to church/conference.  She read the Book of Mormon a little bit.  She didn't quit understand the Book of Mormon so instead of teaching the plan of Salvation we explained the Book of Mormon.

This week my "Ponderize" [scripture] is Alma 32:21 Concerning Faith.  What’s yours?  E-mail me or write me yours.

Thank you all for your support and help here on my mission!

Sandy Springs Zone Conference

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Weekend

Hello everyone,

We were able to help the Salders move and get settled in and show them around the area a little bit.  On Thursday we went and toured the area together showing them around and introducing them to the members of the area.

Thank you all who sent cards and so on for my B-day!

This conference was really good.  I had a lot of question answered and it was inspiring to hear the words of the prophet! We also saw miracles happen as we invited our investigators to church.  We had a member bring one of their family members to church which was cool.  Also, we invited this lady we tracted into who lived a block away from the branch president and she came.  When they realized that they were neighbors they exchanged phone numbers and now she's going to get a ride from Sister Carrin!!!!  We were supper excited when they made the connection.  We hope to teach her more and help them understand the Gospel more fully.

One message that stood out to me was, "What will you become through the Atonement of Jesus Christ?"  Wow!!  That's pretty crazy!   Because it’s our choice to accept it [the atonement] and become what our heavenly father wants us to be.  It’s a choice to be saved and exalted through him.  Can't remember who said that.  It’s in my notes at the apartment, but that was powerful.

Thank you for reading my email!  Have a great week!

Why did the turtle cross the rode?  He didn't!!! We picked him up and took his picture!

Box turtle

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun P-Day

Hello Everyone,

This week was pretty rainy.  But nonetheless we still pushed through the storm.  Last P-day we went to Dauset Trails by Indian Springs, the oldest state park.  Dauset Trails has trails up through it and a bunch of animals like snakes, turtles, mountains lions, and you name it we saw it there.  So it was pretty fun.  The Harpers and the Knolls took us there.

On Tuesday we went and saw Traci and we were able to sit down and talk to her about the restored gospel.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it.  After the lesson she told us that she really felt the spirit as we taught her.  

We were able to Lee and talk to him about his Book of Mormon reading.  He has now finished 1 Nephi and still feels strongly inspired by the book.  We talked to the Knolls this week and they are going to try and see if we can both go over there and teach him more.  Saturday we were able to see the Sanders and get in contact with them. We asked them if they would come to church they said they would, but they didn't.  But I believe they are ones that we can get to come to church if we work hard with them.

Saturday we were just got back from working with the Knights helping them out with some things and we were leaving again to go see some people when a preacher came and knocked on our door to talk to us.  Long story short, he just wanted to bash with us and having a younger and cocky companion they started to go at it.  Oh well.  The church is still true.   Anyway, don't Bible bash.  It’s just a waste of a hour of your life and you will get nowhere.

Thanks for reading! HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!

Pics me and Mr. Pinky

Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Investigators

Hello Everyone,

This week was awesome!  Our investigators have been reading the Book of Mormon this week and their testimonies are growing.  First off, while we were waiting to meet a less active at the church, we got a call from Lee who we had talked to early this week.  He was calling to talk to us about what he has read  and went off on how there was Hebrew signs in the Cherokee Indian history and good stuff like that.  Anyway, he is really excited about the book of Mormon.  He has read so far up to 1 Nephi 8.   As well, he wants to meet with us as soon as his home is somewhat clean.  so he is pretty excited and we are too!

Bobby who is Candy's husband has read up to 1 Nephi 20 and just has question after question for us.  What’ really cool about him is that you can see the real intent he has of wanting to know more.  Anyway, he is planning on coming to church.  We are very excited or these two.

We met with Sandy.  She has not kept her commitment this past week so we were a little sad for that.  But she still wants to be baptized.  We try getting her on date but she said that she needs more time so we will try and talked to her about it next time more.

This last week we had an awesome find.  We were going over to visit a potential Investigator’s house and this lady came out and asked us if we were selling anything.  We were like nope, “we are missionaries, do you want to say a pray with us?”  She was like, “yeah, you guys Mormons.”  As we started talking to her she had worked for a dentist who was a Mormon.  In fact, all the employees were Mormon and so she was very interested in the Book of Mormon.  She told us that by next Tuesday, I will have read it all so we will see tomorrow.

This Sunday Bro Knight, who was [recently] baptized gave a talk and he did a really good job.  I was super proud of him.

Today we are going to go hiking in the woods so I will send some sweet pics next week but until then peace!!

Thanks ya'all

Monday, September 14, 2015

Short Letter

Hey Everyone,

It’s going to be short because I don't have much time this week.  This week we exchanged with our District leader.  Elder Hansen and I were in Stockbridge and they had nothing really planned so we went finding all day.  It was pretty fun especially since it has cooled off now and so we don't sweat as much.    But we had fun.  We also helped them move into a new apartment.

Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Great Experiences With Team Ups

Since I've hit my year mark, time has just been flying by.  Some of the highlights of this week were, we were able to see and teach Jason, a man we found in Flovilla.  We taught him the Restoration and invited him to come to church and to read the Book of Mormon.  What was really awesome was that he asked a lot of good question and we could see that he had real intent.  He didn't come to church and he told us he couldn't because of his work schedule.  We are super excited to work with this man.  I think that he really felt the spirit as we were teaching.

This Saturday we were able to get Bro. Knight on a team up and we went and saw Candy's husband.  Bro. Knight boldly invited him to come to church.  Bro. knight was so excited for the work after our team up he and his wife took us later that night to see a lady who used to see the elders.  So we went and saw her and he once again invited her boldly to come to church.

Then on fast and testimony Sunday he bore his testimony about missionary work and how much joy he got from going on a team up.  It was truly inspiring.  Those were some of the many miracles we saw this week.

Sorry so short.  We have a busy day today.  Have a great week!

Write me a letter this week!   Thank you for reading this email!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sword Fights

Hello Everyone,

This past Monday we went over to the Knoll’s and we had a foam sword fight, lots of fun for a missionary.  Tuesday I went on exchanges to Stockbridge with Elder Richardson.  When we got to their apartment the person above them had a water leak and it came down into theirs and so it smelled pretty bad in there.  But it was ok because we didn't stay long and we were out the door and were doing that missionary thing.  Then we went to their dinner appointment, we had steak... it was awesome.  It’s been too long ☺.  Then we went and saw this less active couple who had not gone to church in 15 years.  They were pretty excited to get back [to going], super exciting to see.  We exchanged back and then we had Chick-Fil-A.  Then we went and saw the Harpers and did some service for them.

Thursday I got sick, but we saw Levi & Joyce.  They are still doing [good].   We had dinner with the Huddlestons and took brother Huddleston on a team to see Sister Henderson in Flovilla.  She is someone we found in Jackson.  We taught her about the Restoration.  The spirit was so powerful.  So hope she reads the Book of Mormon.  My companion loves Burger king so we go there like every other day.  It’s kinda funny.

This weekend we saw Russel and Candy and they are both doing good.  Still working with them and they are coming along.  We also saw this less active Brother Sisk.  He was carrying his 44 mag long barrel and he was cooking 60 pounds of smoked pork.  Yep, but he was really cool.  Sunday was really rainy all day but it cooled things off so it was nice.  We got to see Brother Price.  He's like the coolest guy in Jackson.  We always check up on him and make sure he's doing alright.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Lots of Detail This Week

Hello everyone,

The time goes too fast, especially when you’re having fun!  This week we found a lot of people and it was a lot of fun because we knocked the apartments a lot this week.

Monday we went and saw Bro. Price and we had frozen dinners with him.  Not the best dinner I've had out here but it was a lot of fun to talked to Brother Price.  He's a good guy.  We then went to see his friend who lived pretty close to him but he wasn't down to talk with us on Monday.  Oh well, [maybe] next time.

Then on Tuesday we had our district meeting and we got President [Foote’s] new rules and clarifications.  So that was kinda cool. I guess nothing really different.  Did some finding, then we went and saw Levi & Joyce.  They are doing good they been strong in the word of God and still coming to church.  Then we saw some people in Flovilla and then we had dinner with the Knights.

Wednesday we saw Sister Cox in the nursing home and talked to her a bit and read the BoM with her.  [She is a] sweet old lady.  Then we went up to Jackson lake and found a few part member families around Sister Kirkland’s and also saw Sister Kirkland and had dinner with her.

Thursday was really short because of weekly planning so we helped Sister Kirkland with her pond and then we rushed over to the Knolls where we had dinner with them.  Also, today we are going to sword fight with foam swords so it’s going to be fun.  That night we then saw Brother Swafford.  We talked to him and we are trying to help him overcome addictions.

Friday we saw my favorite Investigators, the Harpers, and then we did a ton of finding that day so it as a good day.

Saturday we did service for the Wicklunds and she made us breakfast.  We cut down some under growth and trees and stuff.  Then we had lunch and then went and saw Russell.  Russell has like ten guitars or more and a drum set so I took the chance to play with him.  He was on the drums and me on the guitar, it was a good time.  We then taught him about the three kingdoms of glory in 1 Corinthians 15.  It was a really good lesson for him.  He has more question, so he's still down to talk plus he enjoys playing with me!  Haha!

Sunday the Harpers came to church and that was a surprises.  After church we had dinner at the Stansel's and Brother Stansel went on a team up with us and we saw some people with him.  The rest of the night we went finding.

Thanks for reading my very long letter!  Keep praying for me!  Love ya all!

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Companion, Elder Waite

Hello everyone,

This week we saw Russel and had a powerful lesson and with out us asking him he quit smoking on Monday.  So we see he is making changes in his life and it’s exciting!  Elder Mascrenas, and I saw Levi & Joyce the night before transfers.  We talked briefly because it was late but we invited them to church and they did come and we are meeting at their house Tuesday at 4 with Sis Menard who's a good friend of theirs.

This week was transfers.  My new companion is Elder Waite from St. John's, Arizona, a little small town. Fun thing, we got to do is go up to Atlanta.  Elder Waite taught this lady and she wanted him to baptize her so we got to go back to Atlanta.  It was pretty awesome!!!

Thanks for all you all do!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Investigator from Burnt Hickory Baptized

This week was Awesome!  We saw a lot of miracles happen and we found a lot of people that were prepared.  Also, I was able to have Elder Platt come to my area and we had a very powerful exchange.  I hope it was a positive experience for him.  We were able to see a few of our less active members and read from the Book of Mormon.  Also we were able to see our investigators, the Harpers.  They had us for dinner and we shared a message with them.  While we were still up in the McDonough area we did some finding with members and we were able to find this man who has a younger family.  So we are going to see them Tuesday.

We found Russel about week and a half ago and he is a man who we studying with Elders up in South Carolina.  We were able to sit down and we talked about and read in the Book of Mormon.  Afterwards he told us it was true so we were so excited.  He also plays Guitars, Bass, and Drums so he and I jammed for a minute.  It was pretty cool.    Sunday, Levi & Joyce came home from Louisiana.  We are excited that they are back in town now.

This week is transfers and Elder Mac is leaving Jackson, off to white wash a new area and train as well so good luck to him!  I'm staying here to hold down the fort and to baptize as well.

Cool story.  I just found out about one of my investigators in Burnt Hickory who I had work with a lot was baptized just this past week.  I was super excited to hear about that.  It took him about 8 months from start to being baptized, but he did!

Thank you for all that you guys do!!!!

Bread that Tyler baked

The fence we helped build for the knolls

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two Trips to Atlanta

Hello everyone,

This week we were busy with meetings in Atlanta.  We had zone training up in Atlanta and we were able to go to the temple.  That is a blessing in and of its self.  I always try to have questions in mind of how to help our investigators and I usually get an answer.  So I invite ya'all to do the same in your life!

At our zone training we were instructed on what we should teach and the direction President Foote wants to go.  He put a strong empathizes on The Book Of Mormon and being exactly obedient.  The Book of Mormon making sure that we read it with our investigators and getting them to read on their own.  After zone training we were driving back and the gps did something weird and had us drive right through down town Atlanta at 5 pm on a Thursday so we hit the worst of it.  We didn't get back until like 8 pm that night so it was a long day in the car.

Early this week we had a lesson with Candy and our awesome team up didn't have a baby sitter so we had to go on our own, but were able to read from the book of Mormon with her and so we are excited.

Friday we had to go to Atlanta again for a doctor appointment and since I am the driver I got to go to midtown.  Oh boy!  Was that an adventure!  But we made it.  Afterwards we went and helped the Knolls put up a fence in their back yard.  Saturday we went finding most of the day and found this one neighborhood that like had not been “knocked” before which is really rare here.  But we were able to talk to this one guy who talked to missionaries while he was working down in Columbia (South America) and had a copy of the Doctrine in Covenants.   He is really cool and plays guitars.  He has like 10 guitars hanging on the wall of his house.  It reminded me of home, like yours dad!

This week was full of fun things that happened.

Thank you for your prayers and everything you do at home for me!  It means a lot!

Love you all!

Fast Week!

Hello everyone,

This week was probably my fastest week ever.  It flew by super quick!  Last P-day my companion and I went and played ping-pong over at the church.   It was a lot of fun.  We got to where we could put a lot of spin on the ball so we got pretty good.  As we were playing we got a call from bro. Harper and he saw our car at the church.  So he wanted to know what was up?  We let him in and he used to play in the Army so he kind of just destroyed us, but it was still really fun.  That night bro. Huddleston took us and we went to see Emma and Willie in Jenkinsburg.

The rest the week seems to mush together.  Friday we went on a time up with Bro. Denio to see an older-ish couple and he's a really funny guy and so he was able to open some doors for us.  He himself committed to get them to church in less than 4 weeks so that was pretty exciting to see.

This week we found that he have to go to Atlanta twice which is about one hundred miles round trip so we will be doing some walking and riding of the bikes!

I would like to inform “you’s all's” that you should give missionaries lots of "GOOD" referrals; ones that they can teach not just see.  To get a good referral is like getting a shot gun for Christmas!!!  Please be a blessing for a missionary in your area....but really, it’s like the greatest thing ever.

So recently I've been studying in "Jesus the Christ" and it is like the greatest book other than the scriptures.  I would highly recommend reading it.  I gave myself a haircut last night.  It’s not too bad doing the front but when it comes to the back, it was a challenge.

I love you all! Keep the Faith!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This week was a good week.  We had a lot of fun finding people and teaching as well.  We also did a lot of service this week.  First of the week we helped move in this old man who used to live in Alabama.  Then the next day we helped a young family move from the Covington ward to ours.  We are very excited because they are new members of the church and the wife is the daughter of our eternal investigators, so they are going to get them to church and hope and pray that it will change their hearts!

Thursday we had interviews with our new mission president.  Also, we got to talk to his wife so it was fun to get to know them.  And as well, it was my year mark so that's pretty cool!  Saturday we helped out with some more yard work and we got breakfast and lunch.  So it was a pretty good deal.

We found out that one of the coolest members here got in a car accident.  So we went and saw bro. Price to see how he was doing.  He was t-boned while getting a ride to his doctor appointment.  But he is all right.  He has some whip lash and a goose egg on his head but still awesome!

Then on Sunday we went to see a less active member.  We talked family history work with her and elder Mac was seeing where his name came from.  I talked to the husband (not a member) about guns and hunting.  So it worked out.
Thanks for the prayer and everything else you all do!  Love ya!

Baptism last week


Monday, July 13, 2015


Hello everyone!,

This week was good and yes [brother] Knight did get baptized!  So we were picked up by the Knights to go to the baptism.  The baptism went well.  Bro. knight is a very enthusiastic man with a loud voice.  After he came out of the water he yelled hallelujah, with his deep Southern accent.  Afterward we went to a BBQ at his house and we had the Harpers come over and most of the branch did as well.  Then Sunday he was confirmed a member and received the HG.   This morning we helped out with a member moving in from Alabama.  That is why this letter is so late in the day.  Then tomorrow we are helping to move in Tamea and her family, daughter of the Harpers.  The Harpers are not members.

Love you all very much.  You all take care.  Thank you!!!!  

p.s. I can’t get my card reader to work, so I will send [pictures] next week

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July in Georgia

Hello everyone,

This week was awesome!  On Tuesday after district meeting we always go to Chick-Fil-A because we would be destroyed on miles on our car if we went home and ate.  While were in line a member walked in and payed for all [of] us.  Yes!  Especially since it was the end/beginning of the month and we didn't have any money.  Then on Wednesday we met our new mission President, President Foote.  He's a really nice man.

This Saturday we have a baptism still set (cross your fingers).  Bro. knight is getting baptized then afterwards we are having a BBQ at his place.  Super exciting!  He's been coming to church with his wife for two years now and is finally going into the waters.  So that is coming up soon.  

This week was a good week.  We were able to see a lot of miracles happen.  Yesterday we were tracting in a neighborhood that I had not been to before.  While we were knocking, we knocked on the door of this man who was watching his daughter and helping clean the house while his wife was off at work.  He let us in on first contact!  So we sat down and started to share with him about the gospel.   At the end he told us that he had been looking for a church for their family.  We were like, “yes!” we have a place for you!  So we invited him to church and he is willing to listen to us.

Almost all week long it rained.  I think it was God prepping for the 4th of July because on the 4th it rained 5 different times that day.  Most of the day on the 4th we went and saw members in the Jackson area.  Then at 6:30 pm we had a BBQ at the church behind the building.  Behind our [church] building on the 4th people come and park and to watch the fireworks.  I guess it has a good view.  But it was awesome because people were coming and having hot dogs who we didn't even know and walking into our building.  Because we had access, people were able to see the building and go inside and see it.  But the sad part was that we had to leave [before the fireworks] because it was time.... 9:30 and so we didn't get to see anything.

Shout out to all my friends heading on their mission soon.  Have fun, be obedient, and baptize!!!

Love you all, thank you for all that you do!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Investigators Come and Find Us Now!

Hello everyone,

Happy 4th July!!!  Talking with investigators and members it sounds like they will be shooting off more than just fireworks!!!!   But it’s the South....

So this week was pretty normal.  My companion and I are both staying here in Jackson for another six weeks, so it’s nice for things to stay the same.  Sheldon has taken a [few] steps back this week.  But on the 11th we have a baptism for Bro. knight and I'm pretty sure he will get baptized.

After weekly planning we were just finishing up and we get a knock at the door.  We went and answered the door and this young man was there.  He said, "hey guys ready to bible study?"  We were like “ok,” and so we went and got our scriptures and did kind of like what they do in "The Best Two Years".  We had a lesson in our apartment.  He had a lot of questions and concerns, especially since he was Baptist.  But he was really truly searching for truth which is exactly what you want in an investigator.  After we finished he asked if we can do it again same time same day [next week].   I'm like “yeah!”  Teaching a lesson and we don't have to find them or go to their house!  I like this!!!!  So I am excited to work with him.

Thanks for your prayers and all that you all do!!!  Love you all!!!!

Some Challenges

NOTE:  I am a week behind posting this one.  I was backpacking in the Uintahs with the scouts all last week and wasn't able to get this one out until now.

Hello everyone,

This week was filled with lots of challenges.  First, on Tuesday we saw Sheldon and he told us he wasn't ready for baptism so we are going to have to teach him more.  However, we got word from Bro. knight, and he is planning on being baptized on July 11th.  I know for a fact that he will because he has family and past missionaries coming in for it.  He is pretty excited!!  he's going to have like a "Utah Mormon bbq" in his back yard afterward.... so that’s a plus. 

On Wednesday we went and saw a lady in a rest home named Sis Cox.  She is a really nice lady.  Then on Thursday we went over to the Huddlestons' and had dinner.  Before dinner we helped them clear their back yard of big pines and under brush and so we cut down trees and moved them and all that.  He has 4 acres so we still have a lot to do.  Then on Sunday we had dinner over at the Lee's, our new ward mission leader.  We got to help around on his farm and stuff so that was pretty cool. 

Thanks you for all you do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hello everyone!

Sorry this is going to be short, but we have a baptism this weekend so we are pretty excited for that.  Sheldon was able to come to church this Sunday so he is set for this weekend.

This week was hot and it’s only getting hotter.  But that's ok because we are in a car.

Last [Sunday] we got a new ward mission leader so things have been switching around a bit.  Also, president is leaving on June 24th.  So President Foote will be coming soon so we will have some more changes to our mission.

Bro. Knight is waiting for family to be able to come in for his baptism so we are kinda waiting before we do anything.

Very short!  All is well here in Jackson.

Love you all!!  Thank you for all you do!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Baptism and an Armadillo!

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty awesome!  But I gotta be quick because cuz I'm about out of time.  This week we were over at Sheldon's house almost everyday teaching him and getting him prepared to be baptized.  We taught him everything and all he had to do was come to church, but he didn't so we will have to wait another week.

But this Sunday while we were fasting we had an awesome!!!  During Fast and Testimony meeting one of our “eternal” investigators went up to bear his testimony and he said that he knew this church was true and that he is ready to be baptized!!!  So my companion and I sat sat there quietly smiling, but inside we were screaming our heads off!   It was so exciting but what is even more cool is now he and his wife can go to the temple and be sealed!!  So we are going to meet with him tonight to make plans for his baptism.  So that was probably the coolest thing that happened.

The second coolest thing is that I saw an armadillo!!!  It ran right in front of me when we were driving home yesterday.  I thought that was pretty cool to see.

Our church meeting house, and my comp being like "Why are you taking a pictures of me!"

Georgia skyline

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jackson, Georgia!

Hello everyone!

Sorry about last week.  It was a crazy new week with a new area and new companion.  I am now in Jackson GA.  My companion is Elder Mascarenas.  Elder Mascarenas was serving in Sierra Leone before the Ebola out break, then came to our mission.

Jackson it a pretty cool place.  It’s about the size of Salem but the area covers a lot.  It’s about the size of Calhoun when it comes to [geographic] size.  But there is no Walmart near by.....  so instead we have Piggly Wiggly or Ingles to shop at which are both Southern grocery stores.  Jackson is a branch.  We have about 60 people come to church.  But the kicker is, our meeting house is a store building in a strip mall!!!  It’s weird pulling up to church, but when you walk in it’s like your in normal church building, just a lot smaller.  This Sunday I had the chance to give a talk about missionary work and it was really awesome.  Branches are awesome to be in!

We have been working with a young man who is looking to get baptized.  The problem is that he doesn't understand the meaning of one true church, which is a problem for missionaries in the south.  A lot of churches here will let you move your records to any other church.  So if you were baptized Baptist and you want to be Methodist or something else you just move your records and you’re good.  So we will have a lot of investigators be like, Hey I want to join your church.  How do I bring my records over to yours...?”  And then we have to talk about that.  But we are working with him.  He just needs to come to church and he will be ready.

Love you all!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

21 Member Present Lessons!

Hello Everyone,

This week my companion and I rocked it!  We were able to get a lot done!  We were able to see all our investigators.  We found this lady a while ago that we went back and talked to.  She was quite stand-offish.  She still is a bit.  She has heard a lot of bad things about the church.  So she has been asking a lot of those “anti” questions.  But we had an awesome time when we contacted her and so now we are meeting with her.  She probably is not going to accept a date for now.  But in time she will come to know of the truth that we shared with her.

This week was the first time that both me and my companion were able to hit 21 member present lessons, which is the goal our mission president wants us to hit!  So it was pretty exciting for us last night as we finished with that.

But I am not going to see the result because I am leaving to go to a new area.... again....  yes it’s only been 10 months and I am on my 5th area.  But i am excited to see more of Georgia.  So, yes, I am being transferred.

P-day last week, as you can see [pictures], was so much fun.  We got to go fishing and I caught 4 fish boom!!!!  Oh yeah! I got royally sun burnt on my neck because my collar wasn’t there.  But it was fun!!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Trip to the Georgia Mountains

Hey everyone,

This week we had a lot of fun and we were able to teach a lot of people.   We were able to do an exchange this week with elder head.  That was a lot fun.  We walked all over T-town.  Transfers are coming up, so yeah it’s exciting.   On friday elder Herrera and I went to the mountains!!!!!!!!  Or so they call it.  There were pine trees and it wasn't humid.   We were at 1,100 feet but it was cool.  We had an investigator up there so it was really cool to see him.

Love you all!!!  Take care!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short n Sweet

Hello everyone,

This week is going to be short but we had a great week and saw a lot  of miracles.  Can't wait to Skype [for Mothers Day].  BTW - Mike received the priesthood.  [Also] We had one of our investigators bear her testimony in church on Sunday.  And it was her first time there too!
Love ya all, take care!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Companionship Study Agenda

This is what we do in companionship study.  We have it every morning starting with a song and pray.  Then we read from the White Handbook and adjusting to missionary life.  Then we talk about what we study then we watch a PMG [Preach My Gospel] video and role play what we watched and prepare for our lessons if we need or we role play various things we need to.

This week we reached 18 mp [member present lessons] which was an all-time high for me. I was personally excited about that and I am excited for next week to break it again.  We also saw two kids that we have been working with on come to church this Sunday.  The older, Wesley, was supposed to come but slept in so he missed his chance to go.  But one our members was able to give them a ride and that member lives right behind their house so that was pretty cool.  This week we did a lot more teaching then we did finding, but still found while we taught.

This week was really good.  We got a lot done.  Thomaston is such a small town that I pretty much know everyone that lives in the town itself.  So it’s really fun because you wave at everyone you know so it’s pretty much a parade every day.  Haha! jk!

love you all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hunger Games!

Hey everyone!

This week was my first full week in Thomaston and wow it is so much fun.  On Tuesday I went on an exchange up to Griffin with Elder Poulson and Elder Poulson.  Yep and since we were in a three some I got to tract with a Greeny (Younger Poulson as we call him).  Since he had only been there like three days and was new to the mission it was an adventure!!!  But we were able to find some people.

Kinda something cool.  We drove past an old mill where they filmed Hunger Games.  I got a bad pic but you can kinda see it.  A lot of the Walking Dead shows are filmed in Griffin as well.  Kinda the fun fact of the day!

Two of the days this week we went with the senior missionaries in our ward and went saw some people out in the country.  It’s pretty awesome to have senior couples in your area.

Cool story for the Compton family.  We were visiting this less active member who lives way out in the country and we were talking and for some weird thought reason I thought that I knew him from somewhere.  He said something about how he worked when he was young on a potato farm in Colorado.  At that moment Iknew where he was from so I asked him where he was from in Colorado and he said La Jara Colorado!!!  So I told him about how my family on my dad side where from there [that area anyway].  Pretty cool.

But we found a lot of new investigators at the end of the week and quite a few that are really solid.  This coming week we hope to see some good numbers coming our way.  We also were able to invite a lot.  We found this one family and I strongly believe we were lead there... we first knocked on the door and the father (Zack) answers the door and we said a pray and invite him and got a return appointment with him.  Then we went to their neighbor’s house and they referred us back to them.  So we thanked them and as we were leaving the neighborhood the wife of Zack came out and wanted to talk to us.  So we talked to her and she was Seventh Day Adventists and she ask why we serve our missions and we talked shortly with about that.  Then she told us what she believed and thanked us for sharing the good word.  We than gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and to come to know if it was true and that if she had any question that when we come back on Friday that we would be able to answer them and talk more.  I just knew at that moment that she was prepared before and that she is one of many that that we are looking for.  

So this week was filled with lots of excitement!

Love you all!!!!

Hunger Games Building

Georgia Country Side

Textile Mill

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello everyone,

This week was long but short at the same time.  I got transferred to Thomaston... it is a little city just past Griffin but a little north of Macon.  This city is a textiles mill city.

And as you can see we had a baptism on Saturday!  Mike was baptized and we were excited to see him be baptized.

It’s pretty fun being here.  There are a lot more people walking around so it’s a lot of fun to go tracting and contacting .  Elder Herrera is my new companion.  He has been out for 3 months, the youngest companion I have had.  He's got a lot of fire and is still fresh!

My new address is:

Elder Compton
731 apt C South Green ST.
Thomaston, GA 30286

Love you all!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lots of Conference Successes....and a Transfer!

Hello everyone,

Two things that really stood out to me in Elder Ballard's Interview [General Priesthood Session – M. Russell Ballard] was he kinda had all missionaries evaluate how there obedience is and and asked if we are focused as well as a few others, things.  I wrote them down in my study journal.  I plan to review those questions weekly to make sure I am doing them.  And it sounds like he wants us to raise the bar again.  So I guess we had better start aiming and jump higher.

We have exciting news that we were able to get Joseph to a session of conference and it was the [session] President Uchtdorf talked about the atonement.  I could see out of the corner of my eye Joseph wiping away tears the whole time.  He told after that was the best thing he had heard on the atonement ever.  So he felt the spirit.  Also, he has good fellowshippers and  I know that he will be baptized!!!   And I wish I could be there when he does.

We had this one guy where we knocked on his door about two weeks ago and talked to him.  He had not been to church since he was a kid.  We taught him the restoration and invited him to come to church.  He gave us a call saying we had inspired him to start going to a church and that he was going to go church shopping.  We invited him to come to conference and he said that he might.  Second session he walked in!!!  He heard the talk about how we need to be spiritually in tune, where he compared it to the old school radio, have to have it right on to hear the spirit.  After conference he asked us what the normal time was and that he would be coming and his word is good.  So that was really awesome!

Joe, who the president talked to at stake conference, watched two session including the priesthood session.  Monica came as well on Sunday and she enjoyed it as well.   She is solid but she is kind of hard to nail down a date.  She wants to read the whole Book of Mormon before she gets baptized.  Transfers are Wednesday and I am going to a new area!  So far I have been in a house to ourselves for 2/3 of my mission so I have been blessed in that regard.  But am looking forward to a new area!

Thank you everyone!!!  Love you all.

Pollen on the mission car -- allergies!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Interviews with the President

Hello everyone,

Once again I have made it another week here in Georgia.  This week we had interviews with our mission president and we talked about how we can use members more in our missionary work.  We were also rebuked for not getting 20 member present lessons, but we learned a lot and so things are looking good.

We were able to meet with Monica for lunch and talked about Joseph Smith and how the gospel blesses people’s lives.  On Saturday our ward/elders quorum had what they call the Shoot Out Activate.  [They all bring] their guns out and go shoot.  They shot .22's 9mm, .45's, shotguns, and .357.  That was pretty cool and no I did not shoot any of them,  but the ward [members] were sure tempting me...

We had the zone leaders stay the night last night which was cool.  I mean, we have a house and space to share!!!

Keep the Faith everyone.  Love Ya.  Thank you all!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Investigators and Not Feeling Well

Hello everyone,

Joseph and Mary did come to church on Sunday, which was exciting!  On Tuesday we had a very good district meeting.  It was on the Christ like attributes.  It always bring in the spirit when we talk about how to become more like our savior.  

We were able to meet with Monica this week and talk to her about the Book of Mormon and how it ties into the restoration.  She has been reading it pretty regularly, so she’s doing good.  I wanted to put her on date but she didn't feel ready for a date yet.

The whole weekend either I was sick or my companion elder Thurgood was sick so we were pretty busy trying to get healthy again.

Compare Alma 31:12-18 to Matthew 6: 5-6.  Satan would want us to stand before men and have us be praised by men for worshiping god but we see that Christ would rather have us do it in secret and have us praise him rather than us get praise from man and he will reward us openly.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Blessed for Obedience!

Hello everyone!

This week we saw a lot of miracles happen!  Must have been for obedience!

Last p-day after I e-mailed you all, Joseph (one of the ward members) took Elder Thurgood and I mountain biking, and it was legit!!!  So much fun.  It’s not like mountain biking in Utah where you start at the top of the mountain and ride down [guess we didn’t make Tyler ride uphill enough].  Here in Georgia we have hills so you ride up one side and ride down the other side.  There are very few rocks.  Instead there are lots of roots.  It was a lot of fun.  We had like prefect weather as well.

That night we taught Fallon, who comes from a part member family.  Her dad refuses to let her be baptizes but  her mom wants her to be baptized.  So we are teaching Fallon so she knows the gospel.  One day when she is older maybe she will choose to be baptized and already know what she needs.  

Tuesday we had district meeting.  In our district we have the sister training leaders as well as the zone leaders and us so we have a pretty stacked district.  But the zone leaders were at another district in the zone so it was just the two sets.  That was kinda weird and small, but it was good none the less!

Thursday we had an awesome miracle happen.   We were just finishing weekly planning and driving to the church to make some copies and we got a call from a number we didn't know... it was John!!!  John was one of our top investigators about 5 weeks ago but he called us one day and said never come back and never call.  But he called us back and said he wanted to know the truth!  So we told him if he reads and prays and comes to church regularly that he will know truth and we were able to put him on date for baptism later in April.  So that was awesome!!!! yeah!!!!

Saturday morning we had a lesson with Noah.  Previously, we were out looking for potentials in the area book and this one house stood out to me and I couldn't stop looking at it, so I had to knock on it.  We told Noah that we felt impressed to knock on his door that day.  He was very open and willing to have us over again.  So Saturday we went and taught him the whole first lesson and wow he was so prepared.  A lot of his beliefs lined up with ours and we gave him the Book of Mormon, and before we could even ask him he told us he would read it and prayer about it and that he would know by the Holy Ghost if it is true.  It was absolutely awesome to see how prepared and ready he was to receive the gospel.  They are out there!

Later we went on a “time up” with brother Hunt.  He such a cool guy.  He sells medical equipment.  He had sitting in his truck a $2 thousand dollar screw.  Kinda cool.  After that we saw this lady named Heather and taught a little bit on her door step.  That night we went to a ward activity, Siamese basketball... so couples in the ward would wear the same shirt and have two teams of this and would play basketball.  Funniest thing that I have seen in a while.  Sunday we got to teach the deacons about “how do I invite my friends to church?”  Lots of fun.

Last miracle.  So this morning we get a call from Heather one of our new converts saying, “Hey meet me at Kroger, I am buying you food.”  This is a blessing because elder Compton was not wise with his money this month and has about $1.75 on his mission card.  So I was blessed anyway.

Thank you everyone.  Love you all!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Baptism Date Set

Hello Everyone,

This week we had a lot going on in the way of meetings, but we had a great week and we were able to put Joseph and Mary on date [for baptism] for later in April.  We also had zone training and as you can see in the picture, I found someone from Salem.  Yeah, Aaron Nelson is in my mission so I was able to talk with him for a bit.  He's doing good.

We also had Stake conferences this week so I was able to see everyone [from] Calhoun again.  I saw Abraham and Chase who were two I worked closely with.  Both are doing good and are active.  Joe was also there [at stake conference].  It was really exciting to see him there, partly because we didn't know he was coming.  He went up and talked to President Harding for a minute which was awesome because president is a very powerful man and so I hope that it did some good because we are not progressing with him [Joe] right now.

Thank you for the love and support from you all!!  Keep the faith!

Tyler and Companion

Tyler and Aaron Nelson from Salem

Monday, March 2, 2015

Elder Frosty

Hello everyone!

This [week] was a lot of finding and talking with people and meeting all of the other elders’ people that they were working with.  But we were able to move into their room because it was bigger and had enough room for all of our stuff to go into the closets.  So Tuesday through Thursday it snowed and on Wednesday from about 2pm until the next morning, we had to stay in our apartments because of the snow and bad drivers, mostly bad drivers because it was like an inch of snow, but whatever.

We called a lot of people, like 60 calls or something.  Then I got really bored when we ran out of people to call.  We decided to make a snow man and so for the next hour we made a snow man.  His name was Elder Frosty, so we were in a three some for a day.  Then like a snowman, he melted away.  :-)

Friday was a weird day.... we talked to one of the less actives in the trailer park and asked her how she liked church and she started telling about how she went to this waterfall and they were taking these really good picture by it and how she could see through the snow and see rocks and stuff.  As we walked away me and my companion were like, "what happened!?"  Then we went to Publix and saw this family that was looking for work and such so went over to say a prayer with them.  They were from India and talked with an accent.  We started to say a prayer and they all begin praying, all of them at once.   I was so shocked I stopped and just stood there while my companion laughed at me.  I never had that happen [before].  Anyway, I was kinda weirded out by that just because it had never happened before or something.

Then we went and taught an investigator and we were talking about belief and what they believe and the wife was telling us how she didn’t believe that you need to do anything.  You just need to be a good person and that is what God wants you to do.  She didn’t believe she needed to read the Bible let alone the Book of Mormon and didn’t need to go to any church.  So I asked her how she communicated with God and she said she can just feel him and that’s how she communicates with him.   I was so frustrated....  

Then on Sunday we were blessed to have Mary and Joseph come to church and since it was fast and testimony week and since it was ward temple week everyone talked about the temple and everyone talked about how families can be together forever.  My companion and I were like well this could go really good or really bad.  But we have faith that that was what they needed to hear and so we hope they enjoyed it.

We were able to meet with [Joe] last night and read from 2 nephi 31 and talk about the gospel.  It was really a laid back lesson.  Really he’s not super interested in baptism right now.  Sports and school are keeping him busy so we are kinda sad about that.  But he is going to be baptized at one point soon in his life.

Thank you all for the prayers and support you send our way.  Love you all take care!  Keep the Faith!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Chicken Feet!

Hello everyone,

This week was another week.  Weird stuff happened like it snowed on Wednesday and Thursday.   And it was really cold...  but it was fun.  So starting with last Monday…

We ate with the Shaws and they decided that we needed to try chicken feet and so they warmed them up in the microwave.  For anyone that wants to know, they taste like fat but feel like eating jello with a fatty taste.  Not something that I plan on eating ever again unless someone feeds them to us...  So that I would say that was enough excitement for the week.  But no!

Tuesday was pretty calm but Wednesday it was snowing and cold while we were on bikes.  I wasn't down for that.  So by five o'clock we went home and made calls...   Oh and did I forget to say that I was on exchanges so Thursday I was on a bike again...  but since it’s cold and it’s the South and people are nice, we got into more homes that day than most.

We were able to get in contact with all of our progressing investigators.  Also, we were able to meet with this lady named Nina.  She is willing to listen to us and we [are going to] teach her more but she’s not going to be easy.  We haven’t been able to see Joseph and Mary because of some drama with Joseph’s job.   We found this awesome lady Saturday and hope to meet with her.  She is very interested, so that is cool!

So we have transfers news!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Well I am staying in Burnt hickory and so is my companion but they are closing the other elders’ area.  So we are kind of white washing but not really so it’s pretty exciting because we have the car to ourselves as well as all of the members, the “team ups”, and dinners.  So I am happy.  Oh and [we have] the whole house too!  They didnt leave us with very many investigators but they also haven’t really tracted much in the last 6 months so we will change that!

Thank you all for the love and support!  Love you all and miss you all!  Keep the Fatih!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good and Bad

Hello everyone,

This week is going to be short because I am at a member's house and we have limited time, so please forgive me.

This week was good and bad so we will start off with the bad news first.  By the end of the week we had zero people on date and we had to drop one of our investigators.  He told us that he wasn't ready to [be baptized] at that time so we told him that if he had the desire to change to give us a call and we would help him.  So that was sad to see.   Also, I was sick most of this week.

But we were able to get our member present lessons up and teach more so it made up for the sadness.  We were able to get back in touch with Tina and her kids (the big family we found).  That was good because we had an appointment with them.   The dad wasn't there but we were able to talk to the family.  [Tina] said that [her husband] was told by family that our church was bad.  That’s why we haven't been able to get them to church.  So things are looking good for them because the rest of the family love church!!!

We also plan on getting Joe back on date.  Really he just wants a little more time to prepare himself.  We had an awesome lesson with him last night we talked about how you feel the Holy Ghost and that it’s not a different feeling but that it’s a good feeling that we get is the Holy Ghost.  Joe told us he really liked it, and for a teenager to like a lesson like that is good, I would say.  We were not able to see Joseph and Mary.  They were busy and sick and I was sick so it didn't happen.  Joe's baptism date is going to be pushed back a bit but it’s going to happen soon-ish, hopefully while I am here.

Transfers are next [week] and I am hoping I can still call this home but we will see. love you all!!! thanks for the support and love!!!

Keep the Faith!!!!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Exchanges With The ZLs and Another Companionship

This week I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and then with the Burnt Hickory 1 elders.  So it was a busy week!  Elder Olive came to our area and I stayed.  We were able to meet with a less active and meet with an investigator Nina, and then we had a member take us to Jason’s house.  We were able to get him on date [baptism] for the 28th of February, so we are excited to work with him.  Then we were able to talk in companion study about The Destination and Route and how to use it in every lesson that we teach.  Elder Olive was able to make it very clear for me which was nice of him.

On Friday I went to Elder Argyle's area and we did some finding that day because they didn't have any set appointments.  But we were able to find three new investigators, so it was still a good day!

We had a little miracle on Thursday.  We were going to a potential investigator to get in contact and while we were trying to find the house, there was this one house that I could not stop looking at, so Elder Thurgood and I went and knocked on this door and we told him that we represent Christ and we wondered if he would like to say a prayer and so we did.  Then we asked him and if we could come back and share our message with him and he said yes come back!  So it was pretty exciting especially since it is hard to tract or knock doors in wealthy areas.

So elder Thurgood and I were going to go mtn. biking [today] but it rain last night so sadly that won’t happen this week.

This week was better than last week.  We were able to get another person on date for baptism for the 28th of February.  Hopefully it goes through.  Jason is his name.  He is a really nice guy.   He's been taught by other missionaries.  The only things holding him back are Word of Wisdom problems.  So if we can help [him] get over those problems he will be home free.  The crazy thing is he was found and was being taught as far back as when Jeff was on a mission!!!  Shout out to you Brother!!!!!

Joe is doing good other than he didn't come to church this week.  But we are trying to help him to have a spiritual moment by himself with his scriptures.  But he's a teenager in high school and girls and sports come first sometimes, but we are trying.  Joseph and Mary are doing good.  We were able to talk about the Destination and Route with them.  They have a Book of Mormon.  Joseph is having a hard time understanding it so we are trying help him understand the B of M style of writing.

This week we have Zone training SO WATCH OUT ON FACEBOOK!  YOU MIGHT SEE PICS OF ME ON THE ATLANTA GEORGIA MISSION PAGE!  [Be sure to like the “Georgia Atlanta LDS Mission - President John & Deborah Harding” on Facebook]

This week we had cleaning inspection and while I was cleaning I found a dead scorpion in the study room!  Kinda weird.  I thought scorpions only live in the desert [but I] guess not.

By the way, "Destination and Route"  is this the route of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end.  Destinations are the gifts that God will give us if we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ which gifts are Eternal Life, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and a remission of sin.  That’s something we want in all of our lessons that we teach, door approaches, and everything we do in our [missionary] lives.  Powerful!

Wow so this letter is probably the longest of all.  So enjoy.  Thanks so much for the support and love that [I] get from all ya'all!  keep the Faith!  Ether 12