Monday, April 27, 2015

Companionship Study Agenda

This is what we do in companionship study.  We have it every morning starting with a song and pray.  Then we read from the White Handbook and adjusting to missionary life.  Then we talk about what we study then we watch a PMG [Preach My Gospel] video and role play what we watched and prepare for our lessons if we need or we role play various things we need to.

This week we reached 18 mp [member present lessons] which was an all-time high for me. I was personally excited about that and I am excited for next week to break it again.  We also saw two kids that we have been working with on come to church this Sunday.  The older, Wesley, was supposed to come but slept in so he missed his chance to go.  But one our members was able to give them a ride and that member lives right behind their house so that was pretty cool.  This week we did a lot more teaching then we did finding, but still found while we taught.

This week was really good.  We got a lot done.  Thomaston is such a small town that I pretty much know everyone that lives in the town itself.  So it’s really fun because you wave at everyone you know so it’s pretty much a parade every day.  Haha! jk!

love you all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hunger Games!

Hey everyone!

This week was my first full week in Thomaston and wow it is so much fun.  On Tuesday I went on an exchange up to Griffin with Elder Poulson and Elder Poulson.  Yep and since we were in a three some I got to tract with a Greeny (Younger Poulson as we call him).  Since he had only been there like three days and was new to the mission it was an adventure!!!  But we were able to find some people.

Kinda something cool.  We drove past an old mill where they filmed Hunger Games.  I got a bad pic but you can kinda see it.  A lot of the Walking Dead shows are filmed in Griffin as well.  Kinda the fun fact of the day!

Two of the days this week we went with the senior missionaries in our ward and went saw some people out in the country.  It’s pretty awesome to have senior couples in your area.

Cool story for the Compton family.  We were visiting this less active member who lives way out in the country and we were talking and for some weird thought reason I thought that I knew him from somewhere.  He said something about how he worked when he was young on a potato farm in Colorado.  At that moment Iknew where he was from so I asked him where he was from in Colorado and he said La Jara Colorado!!!  So I told him about how my family on my dad side where from there [that area anyway].  Pretty cool.

But we found a lot of new investigators at the end of the week and quite a few that are really solid.  This coming week we hope to see some good numbers coming our way.  We also were able to invite a lot.  We found this one family and I strongly believe we were lead there... we first knocked on the door and the father (Zack) answers the door and we said a pray and invite him and got a return appointment with him.  Then we went to their neighbor’s house and they referred us back to them.  So we thanked them and as we were leaving the neighborhood the wife of Zack came out and wanted to talk to us.  So we talked to her and she was Seventh Day Adventists and she ask why we serve our missions and we talked shortly with about that.  Then she told us what she believed and thanked us for sharing the good word.  We than gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read and to come to know if it was true and that if she had any question that when we come back on Friday that we would be able to answer them and talk more.  I just knew at that moment that she was prepared before and that she is one of many that that we are looking for.  

So this week was filled with lots of excitement!

Love you all!!!!

Hunger Games Building

Georgia Country Side

Textile Mill

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hello everyone,

This week was long but short at the same time.  I got transferred to Thomaston... it is a little city just past Griffin but a little north of Macon.  This city is a textiles mill city.

And as you can see we had a baptism on Saturday!  Mike was baptized and we were excited to see him be baptized.

It’s pretty fun being here.  There are a lot more people walking around so it’s a lot of fun to go tracting and contacting .  Elder Herrera is my new companion.  He has been out for 3 months, the youngest companion I have had.  He's got a lot of fire and is still fresh!

My new address is:

Elder Compton
731 apt C South Green ST.
Thomaston, GA 30286

Love you all!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Lots of Conference Successes....and a Transfer!

Hello everyone,

Two things that really stood out to me in Elder Ballard's Interview [General Priesthood Session – M. Russell Ballard] was he kinda had all missionaries evaluate how there obedience is and and asked if we are focused as well as a few others, things.  I wrote them down in my study journal.  I plan to review those questions weekly to make sure I am doing them.  And it sounds like he wants us to raise the bar again.  So I guess we had better start aiming and jump higher.

We have exciting news that we were able to get Joseph to a session of conference and it was the [session] President Uchtdorf talked about the atonement.  I could see out of the corner of my eye Joseph wiping away tears the whole time.  He told after that was the best thing he had heard on the atonement ever.  So he felt the spirit.  Also, he has good fellowshippers and  I know that he will be baptized!!!   And I wish I could be there when he does.

We had this one guy where we knocked on his door about two weeks ago and talked to him.  He had not been to church since he was a kid.  We taught him the restoration and invited him to come to church.  He gave us a call saying we had inspired him to start going to a church and that he was going to go church shopping.  We invited him to come to conference and he said that he might.  Second session he walked in!!!  He heard the talk about how we need to be spiritually in tune, where he compared it to the old school radio, have to have it right on to hear the spirit.  After conference he asked us what the normal time was and that he would be coming and his word is good.  So that was really awesome!

Joe, who the president talked to at stake conference, watched two session including the priesthood session.  Monica came as well on Sunday and she enjoyed it as well.   She is solid but she is kind of hard to nail down a date.  She wants to read the whole Book of Mormon before she gets baptized.  Transfers are Wednesday and I am going to a new area!  So far I have been in a house to ourselves for 2/3 of my mission so I have been blessed in that regard.  But am looking forward to a new area!

Thank you everyone!!!  Love you all.

Pollen on the mission car -- allergies!!!