Monday, January 25, 2016

Teaching in French

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty awesome!  We saw a lot of miracles happen to us.  One of the best highlights was I got to go on a quick exchange with Elder Dimache to teach the Mutomodo Family.  I didn't really teach.  I just sat there as they spoke French to one another.  Even though I wasn't able to understand what they were saying, I felt the spirit as Elder Dimache told them about the Restored Gospel and Church.  Last time we taught them we had tried to invite them to baptism but they didn't understand.  But Elder Dimache was able to put them on date for the 20th of February!  It was really inspiring!  Maybe you can come with us some time.

On P-day we went over a member’s house for dinner and they had their son over and low and behold he played guitar and he had a Les Paul Gibson!!!  Yeah buddy!  I got to play it to.  It was pretty awesome!  Unfortunately all I knew how to play was rock, so I played a little Van Halen Panama.  

Anyways Transfers are this week but I am staying and so is my companion so I will be killing Elder Facey off.

Ya'all have a great week!

Elder Tyler Compton

Elder Compton and Elder Facey

Monday, January 18, 2016

Crazy Week with Unplanned Transfer!

Hello everyone,

This was a crazy week and probably none of you know what happened.  This week [my companion and I] had a few awesome last days together.  This week was a pretty different week with lots of good things happening.

When I was with Elder Reber we had a team up who went with us all day.  We were able to sit down and teach two lessons, one with a family of three and one with Keston.  Keston was on date but he fell off because he didn't come to church on Sunday.

But after having an awesome day with our team up with David we got home and got a call from President Foote.  He told us that there is a missionary struggling with obedience and that there will be an emergency transfer Thursday (last week).  He explained that they are going to do a three way change up so I was moved to the other elders in our ward and then elder Reber got a new companion and now I am companions with one of my favorite elders in the mission, Elder Facey who is from England!  But he does not really have an [English] accent anymore because he's on his last transfer so he sounds like an American.  Anyway, I now live in a member’s home.  The member’s name is Harry Smith.  We call him “President.”  He is a WWII veteran and he was a cop for 30 years.  He's a pretty cool guy.  

Elder Facey and I received a referral that the sisters got but they [referrals] live in our area so we went to see this family.  They came from Kenya Africa just a week ago!  We taught them the restoration.  Their son had to translate for them because they didn't understand English.  We had an awesome team up with Brother Bridges who invited them to church on Sunday.  And they came!  Which was exciting to see.   Five family members are baptism age.  This week we are going to go over and teach them with brother Bola who speaks French which is their native language.

Anyways, this week has been very eventful.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Elder Compton
4036 Oak Crest Dr.
Tucker, GA 30084

Monday, January 11, 2016

Book of Mormon Referral

Hello everyone,

This week was good and bad.  We will go bad first.  We were going to have an investigator go over to Brother Bennion's home for a lesson.  But it fell through and we were really disappointed in that both Elder Reber and I were looking forward to that.  

But good news David Pickney, Elder Ashworth's convert.  He went into the doctors to get an MRI and he got the news that 95% of the cancer is gone and that the other 5% should go away.  So he can go back to work now.  He also gave a talk on Sunday, and did a very good job.  He had a very powerful testimony of the Gospel.

So on Saturday we had a pretty cool miracle.  We received a referral for this man that he wanted a Bible.  When we got there he was like I have a King James Bible but I want one of those Mormon Bibles.  I never had a referral for a Book of Mormon before.  It was awesome!  We were able to sit down and talk with him and talk about the Book of Mormon, where it came from, why we need it, and how it relates to us.  I don't know if he fully understands what the Book of Mormon is and all but he said he would read it.  We have an appointment with him.

Also we went over Bro. Fragher and he likes to rap so we asked him to rap us a song about missionary work.  So he did.  I wish that I could send through email because he's really good and it was awesome!

Alright you all have a great week!

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Monday, January 4, 2016

Short Note and Cool Whip

Hey everyone,

This week I won't have time to really write that much but this week was a good week!  New Year's Eve we ate with the senior couple in our ward.  They work at the employment center here for the Atlanta area.  Then we filled our faces with Cool Whip!!!  Yes we did it!!!

Anyway, have a great week!