Monday, October 26, 2015

Successful Branch Party!

Hello Everyone,

This week was amazing we had an activity, the Jackson Fall Party. We had it at the Knight’s barn and it was a success!!! We had about 120 people there! Everyone had a great time.  We had 9 nonmembers there as well.  The Wicklunds who I have been working with for 5 months now finally came to a church activity!  Yes!  It was a miracle that she and her husband came to it.  That was the best part of the week for me.  Plus she didn't just show up, she was talking with everyone there, which was awesome.  On Sunday unfortunately we did not have 120 people but we have seen an improvement with attendance.

We were not able to get in touch with Debby this week.  She wasn't there the two times we stopped by her place but we are still hoping to meet with her husband soon.

Elder Zwick really help me out and the whole spiritually progression chart was really insightful. So with that I am striving to study what is important and to be as obedient as I can so that I can have the spirit to be with me!  

Shout out to Bro. Marchman!

Thank you all for reading this email!

I don't know what this really is but I got a picture of it!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Branch Party

Hello everyone,

We went and taught Debby twice this week.  On Saturday we talked to her and invited her to church.  Anyway, long story short, she came to church again!!!   She was very actively engaged in the lesson in Gospel Principles and stayed for the whole three hours!   I forgot to also include that she has been reading the Book of Mormon as well and moving right along.  

Wednesday we went finding in Monticello because I've [gone finding] most places here other than Monticello.  We found a few people we can go and see, so I am excited for that.

This coming week we have a branch party over at the Knight’s.  We are hoping to have  many investigators there.  This will be a great opportunity for fellowshipping in the branch with investigators.

Sunday was a great [day] for us and the branch.  We had a about 53 people at church and we had 4 investigators at church as well!  For me the most important key indicators are reading the Book of Mormon, member Present [lessons], and Investigators at church.  These three are super important to me and I try my hardest to accomplish them.

Thank you for reading this email!

Monday, October 12, 2015


Hello Ya 'all,

I think this week our investigators were hiding from us!  No not really. We just had a hard time meeting with any of them.   Something I have notice in this area and since our president has been here we have seen miracles with the Book of Mormon!  I don't think I have ever had this many of my investigators actually reading as much [as they are doing now].

This week we were able to find a few more people than we have usually been able too.  That went really well.  Also at sacrament meeting, we had 57 people at church which was really awesome, about 7 less actives who had not been in a very long time.  I also think having the senior couple here has helped a lot which has been a blessing in our work.

We were able to see Debby who came to church/conference.  She read the Book of Mormon a little bit.  She didn't quit understand the Book of Mormon so instead of teaching the plan of Salvation we explained the Book of Mormon.

This week my "Ponderize" [scripture] is Alma 32:21 Concerning Faith.  What’s yours?  E-mail me or write me yours.

Thank you all for your support and help here on my mission!

Sandy Springs Zone Conference

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference Weekend

Hello everyone,

We were able to help the Salders move and get settled in and show them around the area a little bit.  On Thursday we went and toured the area together showing them around and introducing them to the members of the area.

Thank you all who sent cards and so on for my B-day!

This conference was really good.  I had a lot of question answered and it was inspiring to hear the words of the prophet! We also saw miracles happen as we invited our investigators to church.  We had a member bring one of their family members to church which was cool.  Also, we invited this lady we tracted into who lived a block away from the branch president and she came.  When they realized that they were neighbors they exchanged phone numbers and now she's going to get a ride from Sister Carrin!!!!  We were supper excited when they made the connection.  We hope to teach her more and help them understand the Gospel more fully.

One message that stood out to me was, "What will you become through the Atonement of Jesus Christ?"  Wow!!  That's pretty crazy!   Because it’s our choice to accept it [the atonement] and become what our heavenly father wants us to be.  It’s a choice to be saved and exalted through him.  Can't remember who said that.  It’s in my notes at the apartment, but that was powerful.

Thank you for reading my email!  Have a great week!

Why did the turtle cross the rode?  He didn't!!! We picked him up and took his picture!

Box turtle