Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone,

This week just flew on by honestly!  We have been going really hard and been teaching a lot of people.  Some people we have been teaching that are one date are Ceu, Bishal, Myia and Caleb.  Please keep them in your prayers at night.

This week it finally rained!  Blessings!  I will show you a pics of the pollen, but the rain finally got it out of the air which is nice.

The weather was kind of cooler this week but last week we had days that were 80 degrees, but now the days are not quite that warm.

This upcoming week we have Mission council in which we have to go down to Fayetteville and I guess have a council on what we need to do as a mission.  So that will be exciting.  As well we are pretty excited about General Conference.  There are always miracles that happen with conference.

Thank you for reading my email!  Happy Easter!

-Elder Compton-

Pollen on shoes!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Week in the GAM!

Hey Everyone,

Another week in the GAM (Georgia Atlanta Mission).  This week was pretty cool.  On P-day we were walking through the mall and I came across a Compton shirt.  I was like dang we are getting that so i got it.  It’s like huge on me but it’s got Compton on it!

Tuesday we had a zone training.  Our mission President gave us a training on Teaching Repentance Baptizes converts.  It’s kinda been [his] theme.  Basically he wants to go into details of how to repent in every lesson we teach and invite them to repent.  Then my companion had [his interview] with President Foote so they talked and that gave me some time to talk to some elders I had known before that I had not be able to talk to [for a while].  Then we got stuck in traffic because we left at 5:00 pm and we had to go from the bottom of Atlanta to the top of it.  It probably took an hour and a half.  So we had to cancel all of our appointments.

We had some pretty “sick” Appointments this week.  We are teaching an Italian who is a musician.  He really likes what we are teaching him.  We were there teaching him for a solid 2 hours.  We taught all The Restoration, most of the Plan of Salvation, and some of the Commandments.

We were also able to teach Cheil The Restoration and then go back and watch The Restoration video with him and he understands, I think.  He is the one from Burma close to Thailand.  It’s kinda hard because he speaks so little English but we are going slow with him.

Thank you all for all that you all do!   Keep me in your prayers!

-Elder Compton-

Zone Conference

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Facey Has Gone Home

This week was pretty crazy.  Monday we saw Brother Bridges and he took us to Golden Coral where we ate ourselves sick!  It was pretty awesome!  Then on Tuesday we had district meeting.  Then Elder Facey packed like all day.  Then we had a member feed us dinner.  We had fish and chips in preparation of going home for elder Facey.  Then that same night we had a huge hamburger!  It as well was good so this week is just slam packed with good food!

Then Wednesday was the sad day that elder Facey went home.  I got Elder Park.  He's pretty cool.  He is from South Jordan.  Anyways, we went to town on finding and that has kind of been the rest of our week was finding.

We found this hippie whose dad was Mormon and we started teaching him.  Oh!  As well, Connie dropped us like a rock when she found out that Elder Facey was gone, so no more Connie.

This week the Segovias wanted to have a b-day cake for me!  So that is what that picture is.  The underlining reason is sister Segovias is on a no sweets diet and her cheat is b-days so that is why!  But it’s been good.  I don’t know I like the idea of being district leader.  It is a lot more stressful.  I’d rather just do the work.

Anyways, sorry this email was not organized.  I just kind of through in a bunch of things that happened.  Thank you all for your support!  Keep on praying for the work to move forward!

-Elder Compton-

Pre-Birthday (by a lot) Cake for Elder Compton

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Member Goes to the Temple

Hey everyone,

This week I don't have a lot of time but this week I got to go to one of my recent convert’s endowment.   He was baptized right after I left but I was able to be there for his endowment.

Then the next day we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in Clarkston.  WOW!  I don't have to travel the world they are all there!  Like everyone from the Middle East, Asia,  and Africa live there.  I met a guy from Nepal!!!!  That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Then on Sunday we had Connie and Melvin come to church again.  They are doing good.  And elder Facey is leaving to go home to England, so hes pretty excited.  I will be taking his place as district leader.

Thank you for reading my email! Hope all is well at home!

-Elder Compton-