Monday, June 29, 2015

Investigators Come and Find Us Now!

Hello everyone,

Happy 4th July!!!  Talking with investigators and members it sounds like they will be shooting off more than just fireworks!!!!   But it’s the South....

So this week was pretty normal.  My companion and I are both staying here in Jackson for another six weeks, so it’s nice for things to stay the same.  Sheldon has taken a [few] steps back this week.  But on the 11th we have a baptism for Bro. knight and I'm pretty sure he will get baptized.

After weekly planning we were just finishing up and we get a knock at the door.  We went and answered the door and this young man was there.  He said, "hey guys ready to bible study?"  We were like “ok,” and so we went and got our scriptures and did kind of like what they do in "The Best Two Years".  We had a lesson in our apartment.  He had a lot of questions and concerns, especially since he was Baptist.  But he was really truly searching for truth which is exactly what you want in an investigator.  After we finished he asked if we can do it again same time same day [next week].   I'm like “yeah!”  Teaching a lesson and we don't have to find them or go to their house!  I like this!!!!  So I am excited to work with him.

Thanks for your prayers and all that you all do!!!  Love you all!!!!

Some Challenges

NOTE:  I am a week behind posting this one.  I was backpacking in the Uintahs with the scouts all last week and wasn't able to get this one out until now.

Hello everyone,

This week was filled with lots of challenges.  First, on Tuesday we saw Sheldon and he told us he wasn't ready for baptism so we are going to have to teach him more.  However, we got word from Bro. knight, and he is planning on being baptized on July 11th.  I know for a fact that he will because he has family and past missionaries coming in for it.  He is pretty excited!!  he's going to have like a "Utah Mormon bbq" in his back yard afterward.... so that’s a plus. 

On Wednesday we went and saw a lady in a rest home named Sis Cox.  She is a really nice lady.  Then on Thursday we went over to the Huddlestons' and had dinner.  Before dinner we helped them clear their back yard of big pines and under brush and so we cut down trees and moved them and all that.  He has 4 acres so we still have a lot to do.  Then on Sunday we had dinner over at the Lee's, our new ward mission leader.  We got to help around on his farm and stuff so that was pretty cool. 

Thanks you for all you do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Hello everyone!

Sorry this is going to be short, but we have a baptism this weekend so we are pretty excited for that.  Sheldon was able to come to church this Sunday so he is set for this weekend.

This week was hot and it’s only getting hotter.  But that's ok because we are in a car.

Last [Sunday] we got a new ward mission leader so things have been switching around a bit.  Also, president is leaving on June 24th.  So President Foote will be coming soon so we will have some more changes to our mission.

Bro. Knight is waiting for family to be able to come in for his baptism so we are kinda waiting before we do anything.

Very short!  All is well here in Jackson.

Love you all!!  Thank you for all you do!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Baptism and an Armadillo!

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty awesome!  But I gotta be quick because cuz I'm about out of time.  This week we were over at Sheldon's house almost everyday teaching him and getting him prepared to be baptized.  We taught him everything and all he had to do was come to church, but he didn't so we will have to wait another week.

But this Sunday while we were fasting we had an awesome!!!  During Fast and Testimony meeting one of our “eternal” investigators went up to bear his testimony and he said that he knew this church was true and that he is ready to be baptized!!!  So my companion and I sat sat there quietly smiling, but inside we were screaming our heads off!   It was so exciting but what is even more cool is now he and his wife can go to the temple and be sealed!!  So we are going to meet with him tonight to make plans for his baptism.  So that was probably the coolest thing that happened.

The second coolest thing is that I saw an armadillo!!!  It ran right in front of me when we were driving home yesterday.  I thought that was pretty cool to see.

Our church meeting house, and my comp being like "Why are you taking a pictures of me!"

Georgia skyline

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jackson, Georgia!

Hello everyone!

Sorry about last week.  It was a crazy new week with a new area and new companion.  I am now in Jackson GA.  My companion is Elder Mascarenas.  Elder Mascarenas was serving in Sierra Leone before the Ebola out break, then came to our mission.

Jackson it a pretty cool place.  It’s about the size of Salem but the area covers a lot.  It’s about the size of Calhoun when it comes to [geographic] size.  But there is no Walmart near by.....  so instead we have Piggly Wiggly or Ingles to shop at which are both Southern grocery stores.  Jackson is a branch.  We have about 60 people come to church.  But the kicker is, our meeting house is a store building in a strip mall!!!  It’s weird pulling up to church, but when you walk in it’s like your in normal church building, just a lot smaller.  This Sunday I had the chance to give a talk about missionary work and it was really awesome.  Branches are awesome to be in!

We have been working with a young man who is looking to get baptized.  The problem is that he doesn't understand the meaning of one true church, which is a problem for missionaries in the south.  A lot of churches here will let you move your records to any other church.  So if you were baptized Baptist and you want to be Methodist or something else you just move your records and you’re good.  So we will have a lot of investigators be like, Hey I want to join your church.  How do I bring my records over to yours...?”  And then we have to talk about that.  But we are working with him.  He just needs to come to church and he will be ready.

Love you all!!!!