Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A "Really" Good Week!

Hello Everyone,

This week was a really good.  One we had the car.  Two we were able to meet with all our investigators. And three, we now have four people on date for baptism!  So we were able to get things done this week.

We have taught the Howe family the Restoration, watched the video of Joseph Smith first vision, and the plan of Salvation.   They are on date for the 7th of Aug.  So it really awesome!  Then we have Chelsea who is from India and has been in America for a year.  She knows little about Christianity which is totally new for me!!  Because usually people at least people know the stories of Christ.  She didn't even know what to do when someone was praying.  But it was awesome to teach her.  She was really open to keeping her commitments and learn more.   She is as well on date for Aug 7th.

We have been applying what Preach My Gospel says which is teach those who will accept you.  We have found that the people from Burma are very willing to learn and commit so most of our investigators are from Burma.  We have found and are teaching about 6 families from Burma so we have been busy with them.

This coming Saturday, Myia is planning on getting baptized and I will be baptizing her.  So it will be my one and only baptism that I perform.  So please keep her in your prayers at night!  I will send pics!

Thank you all for the support that you have sent!  Will see ya’ all in a few!

-Elder Compton-

Two pictures from Facebook posted by the mission.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Elder Compton Sacrament Meeting Talk

Note the place and time to the right that Elder Compton will be speaking in Sacrament Meeting at the conclusion of his mission!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Temple Trip with Returning Missionaries

Hey Everyone,

This week was full of events.  We had exchanges with the zone leaders.  It’s always fun because we get to go teach a bunch of Asian people.  We taught this man who came to church because he found a card that had the church’s address.  We taught him the Plan of Salvation and put him on date.  It was pretty cool.  One of those prepared people.

Then on Thursday, all of those missionaries going home this month went to the temple together.  It was really cool to see that we all made it to the end!  I will send a picture of my MTC District.  This week we found three Burmese families!  They were excited to see us too.  Also, Myia is getting baptized this July 9th, so PLEASE PRAY FOR HER to get baptized this time.

-Elder Tyler Compton

MTC District

Lunch after weekly planning

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Short Note This Week

Hey everyone,

This week Ceu and Monica and her three daughters came to church so it was pretty cool.  Anyway, hope all is well at home!   cya  in a few!

-Elder Compton-

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trip to the Aquarium

Hello everyone,

The start to the end.  I have a new Companion, Elder Misustin from Logan, UT.  Pretty cool kid.  This last week we didn't really have anything exciting happen other than we went to the Aquarium.  I will send pics of it.  On the way home Elder Ferbrache lost His camera on MARTA [public transportation] so we tried to find it, but it was gonzos.

-Elder Compton-

Monday, May 23, 2016

The Spirit Whispers

Hello everyone,

This week was the best week we have had in a while we finally got 5 MP's [Lessons taught with a member present] and we found a lot and had a lot of other lessons.  So it was a really good week and I am content with it.

We found this man named Edgardo and we actually found him while we were biking to an appointment.  I said “hi” to him and he said “hi” back and I felt the spirit tell me to go back and so we turned around real quick and ask him about what he knew about the church.  He said he had talked to missionaries back in Guatemala.  Long story short, he invited us back.  Yesterday we went back and gave him the Book of Mormon.  Next time we come back we will follow up on what he thought of the introduction.  So we are excited to see how he did.

Today we are going to hike Stone Mountain.  It’s going to be fun I think!  [I will] send pics next week!

Love you all!

-Elder Compton-

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ferrari Pictures

Hello everyone,

This was a good week.  We worked really hard!  This past week we were riding our bikes along and we stopped at a gas station and there was a Ferrari sitting and my companion “geeked” out on me.  He asked the guy if he could take pictures of his car he said yes so I started talking to him he lives in Buckhead, GA.   He flips homes for a living so it was pretty cool to talk to him.

This week was tough.  A lot of our solid people are flaking out on us so we are doing some serious building.

Have a great week!

-Elder Compton-

Zone Conference Picture Posted by the Mission on Facebook

Monday, May 2, 2016

New Companion

Hello everyone,

So this week was transfers.  If you have ever been a missionary, [you know] transfer week is usually really exciting because either you’re excited to see your companion leave or you’re sad for them to leave.  My new companion is Elder Ferbrache.  He is from Wyoming.  Cool kid.  Usually my companions have served in some of the same area as I have but this is not the case this time.

So on Friday we did service for the local schools in Dekalb County.  Dekalb County is in Atlanta.  Some kids [struggle to] pass the end of the year test so we were there helping direct people at the expo that came in to help the kids get the help they need.  So that was fun.  

This week we saw Myia and taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then things went down hill.  We were not able to meet with her again and then she had work come up so she didn't get to come to church. So she fell off date for baptism this coming Saturday. but it might of been good because she hadn't been taught the Word of Wisdom, so it will give us another week more to teach her what she needs to be taught.  But we are going to get her back on date for the follow weekend.  I think Sunday just because our ward mission leader wanted us to do it on Sunday.

Thank you everyone for all that you do!  Keep praying for the missionaries out there!  We need your help!

-Elder Compton-

Monday, April 25, 2016

Four Chicken Feet!

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty good.  Transfers are this week and it looks like I will be staying in Brockett one more [transfer] at least.

This last week we had chicken feet.  Elder Compton broke the record of eating 4 chicken Feet!!!!  Yeah!!! Making mom and dad proud of their missionary!!!!  Yeah!  All I have to say it did [not] settle very well but I did do it!  This week we had Physical Therapy so we didn't get a whole lot done but we are still working hard.

Love you all!  Hope all is well at home!

-Elder Compton-

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Plan of Salvation and the Atonement

Hey Ya'all

This week was really good week.  We were able to teach Myia the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to church and she came!  Behind the scenes we had to run around to find her a ride Sunday morning.  The ride that we set up was called in for work.  But we got her to church.  She is still excited to be baptized on May 7th.  During the lesson with Myia we felt prompted to focus on how this life is a time to [prepare to] meet God and also on how through Christ's Atonement we can be cleanse from our sins.  Anyway, she really opened up to us about some of the troubles she faces.  You could truly feel the spirit in the room as we testified to her that Christ’s Atonement can help us as we strive to follow God’s commandments.  All I have to say is it was awesome!

The Sisters had someone getting baptized last Saturday so I to give him a baptism interview.  He was set and ready to go and then 45 mins before the baptism his mom got cold feet and said that he couldn't be baptized until he was older.  Kind of sad but he came to church on Sunday so he is still wanting to get baptized anyway.

This week we went on exchanges with Brockett 1 and I got to exchange with Elder Talbot!  Elder Talbot was my MTC companion and so once again reunited.  But it was pretty good.  I guess I haven't explained how they do exchanges now.  It used to be when you went on exchanges you would have one Elder come into your area while your companion went into the other elder’s area.  Now you have to load up one day full of appointments and potential investigators so that you can have a great day.  It is a very stressful to plan.

Thank you for all the support from home, love you all!  

-Elder Compton-

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fearless Squirrel

Hey everyone,

 This week was crazy.  We had to go to the doctor for Elder Park.  He has a bad back so we got to go to down town Atlanta, so it was pretty fun!  Other than that it was a pretty normal week.  We went on mini exchanges with the other elders.  They have not been out of the apartment pretty much all transfer long because one or the other is been held up in the apartment.  So it was pretty fun.  I got to go with Elder Talbot, my MTC companion pretty awesome!  Kind of like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a really long time.

This week we had Zone training and president interviews.  We talked about what we learned in MLC [Mission Leadership Conference] so it was good.  There was a problem with some of the missionaries dropping the first names to people and stupid stuff like that our mission president had to clear that one up!  Thank goodness.  One thing they talked about is how we need to have our indicators be more focused on our investigators rather on us as missionaries.  Seems like old news but it happens to be more on the missionary sometimes.

As well we found a fearless Squirrel and we picked it up!  Pics right here!

Have a great day!

-Elder Compton-

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conference Week

Hello Everyone,

This week was a really good week!  A whole lot happened on Tuesday.  We were on exchanges with the zone leaders in Twin oaks ward.  It was a lot of fun.  This time I was with Elder Lindquist.  He is a super awesome missionary!   But first we went to see their investigator, Saw.  Pretty cool name, right?  Anyways, we were able to read from the Book of Mormon with him.  And then we went over the Plan of Salvation with him.  But in the middle of the lesson he's like, “do you want a small juice?” as he is standing up to go and make some.  So we were like, “ya why not!”  So he starts to make it and he is from Burma so his English was really bad he was asking us what this fruit was and we were like an avocado and he was like, "Oh OK.  This is what we make of this juice!"  Oh OK...... ended up it was not too bad.  In fact, I got seconds on it.  I mean add enough milk and sugar you can make anything taste good!  Then we went and saw a bunch of the people and it was a lot of fun!

That night I was really cool and then my head felt like it was going to explode!  I soon realized that I was sick.  But I didn't have a chance to stop until Friday and when Friday came I didn't get out of bed until 2.  To say the least, I was tired and sick.  But I am fine now.

On Wednesday we did service all day pretty much.  In the morning we helped a member out on moving a few things and then we went finding with the Zone leaders and then went to our other service project with Red Cross which took the rest of the day.  We went door to door installing smoke alarms in homes that did not have them.  So we got to talk to a lot of people.  I had one man that we went into his house and he saw my name tag and asked about our church a bit and what I did as a missionary.  I didn't talk about doctrine because Red Cross didn't want us to represent our church but the Red Cross.  But since he asked I got to share with him a little bit about it.  He is a preacher as well, really nice guy.  Gave me a book that he wrote, "Eternity the Final Frontier."  It sounds kinda like something from Star Trek!  Buts it was a really nice gift from him.

On Thursday early in the morning we headed over to Mission Leadership Counsel.  We received some training from Mike Hemmingway, the director of proselyting for the church, and Mark Penndleton, from the missionary department.  It was really awesome.  They had answers to every question put out there and they answered some of mine.  It was really nice.  I also got to talk to some missionaries that I had not been able to talk to in a really long time.

Then Friday I was sick.  I do not remember much but it was a day.

Saturday we had Conference.  Really awesome only problem was we didn't have any investigators come for conference.  What a way to go out, no investigators came to conference.  But at least we got to watch conference.

Today we are going to Stone Mountain and I get to see Bro. Harper there so i am pretty excited to see him again.  Thank you for reading my email hope you enjoyed details.

- Elder Compton-

Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone,

This week just flew on by honestly!  We have been going really hard and been teaching a lot of people.  Some people we have been teaching that are one date are Ceu, Bishal, Myia and Caleb.  Please keep them in your prayers at night.

This week it finally rained!  Blessings!  I will show you a pics of the pollen, but the rain finally got it out of the air which is nice.

The weather was kind of cooler this week but last week we had days that were 80 degrees, but now the days are not quite that warm.

This upcoming week we have Mission council in which we have to go down to Fayetteville and I guess have a council on what we need to do as a mission.  So that will be exciting.  As well we are pretty excited about General Conference.  There are always miracles that happen with conference.

Thank you for reading my email!  Happy Easter!

-Elder Compton-

Pollen on shoes!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Week in the GAM!

Hey Everyone,

Another week in the GAM (Georgia Atlanta Mission).  This week was pretty cool.  On P-day we were walking through the mall and I came across a Compton shirt.  I was like dang we are getting that so i got it.  It’s like huge on me but it’s got Compton on it!

Tuesday we had a zone training.  Our mission President gave us a training on Teaching Repentance Baptizes converts.  It’s kinda been [his] theme.  Basically he wants to go into details of how to repent in every lesson we teach and invite them to repent.  Then my companion had [his interview] with President Foote so they talked and that gave me some time to talk to some elders I had known before that I had not be able to talk to [for a while].  Then we got stuck in traffic because we left at 5:00 pm and we had to go from the bottom of Atlanta to the top of it.  It probably took an hour and a half.  So we had to cancel all of our appointments.

We had some pretty “sick” Appointments this week.  We are teaching an Italian who is a musician.  He really likes what we are teaching him.  We were there teaching him for a solid 2 hours.  We taught all The Restoration, most of the Plan of Salvation, and some of the Commandments.

We were also able to teach Cheil The Restoration and then go back and watch The Restoration video with him and he understands, I think.  He is the one from Burma close to Thailand.  It’s kinda hard because he speaks so little English but we are going slow with him.

Thank you all for all that you all do!   Keep me in your prayers!

-Elder Compton-

Zone Conference

Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Facey Has Gone Home

This week was pretty crazy.  Monday we saw Brother Bridges and he took us to Golden Coral where we ate ourselves sick!  It was pretty awesome!  Then on Tuesday we had district meeting.  Then Elder Facey packed like all day.  Then we had a member feed us dinner.  We had fish and chips in preparation of going home for elder Facey.  Then that same night we had a huge hamburger!  It as well was good so this week is just slam packed with good food!

Then Wednesday was the sad day that elder Facey went home.  I got Elder Park.  He's pretty cool.  He is from South Jordan.  Anyways, we went to town on finding and that has kind of been the rest of our week was finding.

We found this hippie whose dad was Mormon and we started teaching him.  Oh!  As well, Connie dropped us like a rock when she found out that Elder Facey was gone, so no more Connie.

This week the Segovias wanted to have a b-day cake for me!  So that is what that picture is.  The underlining reason is sister Segovias is on a no sweets diet and her cheat is b-days so that is why!  But it’s been good.  I don’t know I like the idea of being district leader.  It is a lot more stressful.  I’d rather just do the work.

Anyways, sorry this email was not organized.  I just kind of through in a bunch of things that happened.  Thank you all for your support!  Keep on praying for the work to move forward!

-Elder Compton-

Pre-Birthday (by a lot) Cake for Elder Compton

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New Member Goes to the Temple

Hey everyone,

This week I don't have a lot of time but this week I got to go to one of my recent convert’s endowment.   He was baptized right after I left but I was able to be there for his endowment.

Then the next day we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in Clarkston.  WOW!  I don't have to travel the world they are all there!  Like everyone from the Middle East, Asia,  and Africa live there.  I met a guy from Nepal!!!!  That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

Then on Sunday we had Connie and Melvin come to church again.  They are doing good.  And elder Facey is leaving to go home to England, so hes pretty excited.  I will be taking his place as district leader.

Thank you for reading my email! Hope all is well at home!

-Elder Compton-

Monday, February 29, 2016

Service with the Red Cross

Hey everyone,

This week went by so fast!  But it was great!  Monday night our plans fell through so we went over to Brother Bridges’ house and taught him and then he took us to get some food so it was a pretty fun night!  Tuesday Elder Facey needed to buy another suitcase so we went around to get that then we did some finding and that was about our day.

Wednesday we went finding down the street from us and found this man name was Jail.  He is Burmese and very welcoming.  We sat down and share the restoration with him.  It was kind of hard because he is really slow with the English.  But he said we could come back and teach him more.  Pretty cool.  Atlanta is such melting pot for of different people.

Then Saturday we had a service project with Red Cross where we installed smoke alarm systems in this one neighborhood.  There was a house that burned to the ground taking with it a mother and two little kids so it woke up some people so the Red Cross is helping out a bit.

Thank you for all your support.  If you get a chance, write me a letter of what is going on from home!

-Elder Compton-

Monday, February 22, 2016

Visit to Stone Mountain

Hello everyone,

This week we went to Stone Mtn. And here are some pics of it.  You will be amazed how high it is.  It is 1683 feet about.  But I must say it would be pretty awesome if you had never seen a mountain before.  Stone Mountain is a solid piece of granite rock poking out of the ground.

This week was a pretty slow.  We went and saw the Mutombo family.  Did a lot of finding.  A few of you may know Tyler Cooper and [his dad] Darren Cooper.  They took me and Elder Facey out for lunch on Thursday.  Thank you!  That was pretty cool.

Sorry for such a short email hopefully pics will make up for it!

Thank you for all your support!

Elder Compton

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stranger Things

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was so cold!  But we pushed through it and were able to see most of our investigators.  Tuesday we made a lot of phone calls and tried to stay warm.  We were able to get in [to see our investigators] with a few members and teach 5 lessons with them.  Later that day we ran into the Sis. Escobar and she told us about a family who use to come to cub scouts with her husband.  We knocked on their door and Tommy, the husband, answered the door and was like, "Hey! You are from the Latter-Day Saints church right?"  We answered, “yeah we are.”  Anyway, he told us to stop by sometime and that we could teach them.  So we have big plans for them.  Also, we taught the Word of wisdom to Karolyn at the Mayes home with Elder Brown who works at the employment office.  It was an awesome lesson we had.  Elder Brown helped a lot in teaching and she committed to live the Word of Wisdom.

Wednesday was good.  We had zone training, and went to the temple.  It was really nice to go to the temple.  Fills me up with the spirit to last me a while.  Zone training was good.  I like how we talked about Chapter 8 in Preach my Gospel.  We learned a lot of different ways to be organized.  And I hope that my input was helpful.

Thursday we were walking through a neighborhood and we saw all these Hollywood trucks with lots of stuff.  Well they were filming "Stranger Things."  It’s a TV show that will be on Netflix soon they said so if ya’ want to see the ‘strange things’ missionaries walk through, go watch it.  

Friday we did an exchange.  First half of the day I went with Elder Reber and we went and taught the Johnson family the Plan of Salvation.  Then we had a member take us to lunch.  After that we did some finding and found a man named Mike and he invited us back.  Then elder Peterson and I went and saw Connie and Mailen.  Then we did some finding around them and talked to a lot of people.  Then we went and saw Jason and then set an appt. with Donna to come back and see her.  Then we ended the night over at the Robinson family for dinner.
On Sunday, Karolyn came to church so we were happy with that.  This week was ward conference.  During priesthood one of the counselors was teaching the lesson and he said, "’elder Straight Out of Compton’ what do you think of it is talking about in the second half of the this scripture?"  Anyways, I thought it was funny that he said that because most “hood” people always say something like that to me but not someone who is a doctor!
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week!  Keep up the great work!  Love you all!

Elder Compton

Monday, February 8, 2016

Doubled Dinner Appointments

Hello everyone,

This week was a good week.  We were able to teach a lot.  Elder Facey and I have been working hard this week.

On Tuesday we had a good problem.  We had doubled up dinner [appointments] on the same night at the same time but we quickly fixed it by going on a split with the two priests in the ward.  Elder Facey taught the Mays and I taught the Robinsons.  Both part member families.   So the was a pretty exciting day.

Wednesday was a really awesome day.  We got a call from the elders that there is a member who has friends moving from his ward into our ward boundaries.  [They requested] that we  go help them move. So we did.  Turns out they are not members but the member friend has been working on them for quite a while now.  We asked them if we could teach them and they said yes!  So we are excited to teach them!

Saturday we taught the Mutombo family.  Sounds like they have been going to his brother’s church.  The preacher there told them some misinformation on the Book of Mormon so they do not seem too excited anymore but we are trying to help them understand it better.  We found a member who is able to go out with us to teach them and she speaks French so hopefully we can get her and her husband and teach and fellowship them.    Also elder Talbot and I got to knock a few doors.  Elder Talbot is really good at talking with people.  Quite a talent he has.  I don't know if you know [remember] but he was my MTC companion.

These past few days I have been studying Lehi's dream.  This morning I read Nephi's interpretation of [the dream].

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Compton

Monday, February 1, 2016

Bike Problems and a Miracle

Hello Everyone,

This week we went over to the Mutomobo family we didn't teach them much.  We went to set a time to come over on Saturday.  And the best part is they read from the French Book of Mormon.  And they love it!  We didn't get to talk about it much because of well us not being able to speak their language and them not being able to understand us.  But they have been reading a lot from the sound of it.  Unfortunately we were unable to get them a ride to church so we will have to get them this week.  

This week in my personal study I've been reading about Ammon and his brethren and all the missionary work they were doing with the Lamanites.  This morning I read about the anti-Christ [Korihor] and when he tried to go to the land of Jershon where the people of Ammon were.  Verses 20 and 21 [Alma 30:20-21] explain that they were converted and there was no way the he [anti-Christ] could convince them to not believe in the truth and they cast him out.  That is a good example for us to have our converts be so converted that they cast out doubt when they first see it.

This week we were on bikes but not really because my companion’s bike is broken and so we have been walking everywhere.   But it’s been great.   Funny story, when Elder Facey’s bike broke along side the road we were looking at it and we hear someone call out and ask if we needed some help.  We were like yeah and the guy walked over and it was brother Danimen!  He was a member from Burnt Hickory who both Elder Facey and I knew.  So he gave us a ride back home, nice guy.

Anyway, have a great week everyone!

Elder Facey and Elder Compton

Monday, January 25, 2016

Teaching in French

Hello everyone,

This week was pretty awesome!  We saw a lot of miracles happen to us.  One of the best highlights was I got to go on a quick exchange with Elder Dimache to teach the Mutomodo Family.  I didn't really teach.  I just sat there as they spoke French to one another.  Even though I wasn't able to understand what they were saying, I felt the spirit as Elder Dimache told them about the Restored Gospel and Church.  Last time we taught them we had tried to invite them to baptism but they didn't understand.  But Elder Dimache was able to put them on date for the 20th of February!  It was really inspiring!  Maybe you can come with us some time.

On P-day we went over a member’s house for dinner and they had their son over and low and behold he played guitar and he had a Les Paul Gibson!!!  Yeah buddy!  I got to play it to.  It was pretty awesome!  Unfortunately all I knew how to play was rock, so I played a little Van Halen Panama.  

Anyways Transfers are this week but I am staying and so is my companion so I will be killing Elder Facey off.

Ya'all have a great week!

Elder Tyler Compton

Elder Compton and Elder Facey

Monday, January 18, 2016

Crazy Week with Unplanned Transfer!

Hello everyone,

This was a crazy week and probably none of you know what happened.  This week [my companion and I] had a few awesome last days together.  This week was a pretty different week with lots of good things happening.

When I was with Elder Reber we had a team up who went with us all day.  We were able to sit down and teach two lessons, one with a family of three and one with Keston.  Keston was on date but he fell off because he didn't come to church on Sunday.

But after having an awesome day with our team up with David we got home and got a call from President Foote.  He told us that there is a missionary struggling with obedience and that there will be an emergency transfer Thursday (last week).  He explained that they are going to do a three way change up so I was moved to the other elders in our ward and then elder Reber got a new companion and now I am companions with one of my favorite elders in the mission, Elder Facey who is from England!  But he does not really have an [English] accent anymore because he's on his last transfer so he sounds like an American.  Anyway, I now live in a member’s home.  The member’s name is Harry Smith.  We call him “President.”  He is a WWII veteran and he was a cop for 30 years.  He's a pretty cool guy.  

Elder Facey and I received a referral that the sisters got but they [referrals] live in our area so we went to see this family.  They came from Kenya Africa just a week ago!  We taught them the restoration.  Their son had to translate for them because they didn't understand English.  We had an awesome team up with Brother Bridges who invited them to church on Sunday.  And they came!  Which was exciting to see.   Five family members are baptism age.  This week we are going to go over and teach them with brother Bola who speaks French which is their native language.

Anyways, this week has been very eventful.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Elder Compton
4036 Oak Crest Dr.
Tucker, GA 30084

Monday, January 11, 2016

Book of Mormon Referral

Hello everyone,

This week was good and bad.  We will go bad first.  We were going to have an investigator go over to Brother Bennion's home for a lesson.  But it fell through and we were really disappointed in that both Elder Reber and I were looking forward to that.  

But good news David Pickney, Elder Ashworth's convert.  He went into the doctors to get an MRI and he got the news that 95% of the cancer is gone and that the other 5% should go away.  So he can go back to work now.  He also gave a talk on Sunday, and did a very good job.  He had a very powerful testimony of the Gospel.

So on Saturday we had a pretty cool miracle.  We received a referral for this man that he wanted a Bible.  When we got there he was like I have a King James Bible but I want one of those Mormon Bibles.  I never had a referral for a Book of Mormon before.  It was awesome!  We were able to sit down and talk with him and talk about the Book of Mormon, where it came from, why we need it, and how it relates to us.  I don't know if he fully understands what the Book of Mormon is and all but he said he would read it.  We have an appointment with him.

Also we went over Bro. Fragher and he likes to rap so we asked him to rap us a song about missionary work.  So he did.  I wish that I could send through email because he's really good and it was awesome!

Alright you all have a great week!

Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Monday, January 4, 2016

Short Note and Cool Whip

Hey everyone,

This week I won't have time to really write that much but this week was a good week!  New Year's Eve we ate with the senior couple in our ward.  They work at the employment center here for the Atlanta area.  Then we filled our faces with Cool Whip!!!  Yes we did it!!!

Anyway, have a great week!