Monday, April 25, 2016

Four Chicken Feet!

Hey everyone,

This week was pretty good.  Transfers are this week and it looks like I will be staying in Brockett one more [transfer] at least.

This last week we had chicken feet.  Elder Compton broke the record of eating 4 chicken Feet!!!!  Yeah!!! Making mom and dad proud of their missionary!!!!  Yeah!  All I have to say it did [not] settle very well but I did do it!  This week we had Physical Therapy so we didn't get a whole lot done but we are still working hard.

Love you all!  Hope all is well at home!

-Elder Compton-

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Plan of Salvation and the Atonement

Hey Ya'all

This week was really good week.  We were able to teach Myia the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to church and she came!  Behind the scenes we had to run around to find her a ride Sunday morning.  The ride that we set up was called in for work.  But we got her to church.  She is still excited to be baptized on May 7th.  During the lesson with Myia we felt prompted to focus on how this life is a time to [prepare to] meet God and also on how through Christ's Atonement we can be cleanse from our sins.  Anyway, she really opened up to us about some of the troubles she faces.  You could truly feel the spirit in the room as we testified to her that Christ’s Atonement can help us as we strive to follow God’s commandments.  All I have to say is it was awesome!

The Sisters had someone getting baptized last Saturday so I to give him a baptism interview.  He was set and ready to go and then 45 mins before the baptism his mom got cold feet and said that he couldn't be baptized until he was older.  Kind of sad but he came to church on Sunday so he is still wanting to get baptized anyway.

This week we went on exchanges with Brockett 1 and I got to exchange with Elder Talbot!  Elder Talbot was my MTC companion and so once again reunited.  But it was pretty good.  I guess I haven't explained how they do exchanges now.  It used to be when you went on exchanges you would have one Elder come into your area while your companion went into the other elder’s area.  Now you have to load up one day full of appointments and potential investigators so that you can have a great day.  It is a very stressful to plan.

Thank you for all the support from home, love you all!  

-Elder Compton-

Monday, April 11, 2016

Fearless Squirrel

Hey everyone,

 This week was crazy.  We had to go to the doctor for Elder Park.  He has a bad back so we got to go to down town Atlanta, so it was pretty fun!  Other than that it was a pretty normal week.  We went on mini exchanges with the other elders.  They have not been out of the apartment pretty much all transfer long because one or the other is been held up in the apartment.  So it was pretty fun.  I got to go with Elder Talbot, my MTC companion pretty awesome!  Kind of like seeing an old friend that you haven't seen in a really long time.

This week we had Zone training and president interviews.  We talked about what we learned in MLC [Mission Leadership Conference] so it was good.  There was a problem with some of the missionaries dropping the first names to people and stupid stuff like that our mission president had to clear that one up!  Thank goodness.  One thing they talked about is how we need to have our indicators be more focused on our investigators rather on us as missionaries.  Seems like old news but it happens to be more on the missionary sometimes.

As well we found a fearless Squirrel and we picked it up!  Pics right here!

Have a great day!

-Elder Compton-

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Conference Week

Hello Everyone,

This week was a really good week!  A whole lot happened on Tuesday.  We were on exchanges with the zone leaders in Twin oaks ward.  It was a lot of fun.  This time I was with Elder Lindquist.  He is a super awesome missionary!   But first we went to see their investigator, Saw.  Pretty cool name, right?  Anyways, we were able to read from the Book of Mormon with him.  And then we went over the Plan of Salvation with him.  But in the middle of the lesson he's like, “do you want a small juice?” as he is standing up to go and make some.  So we were like, “ya why not!”  So he starts to make it and he is from Burma so his English was really bad he was asking us what this fruit was and we were like an avocado and he was like, "Oh OK.  This is what we make of this juice!"  Oh OK...... ended up it was not too bad.  In fact, I got seconds on it.  I mean add enough milk and sugar you can make anything taste good!  Then we went and saw a bunch of the people and it was a lot of fun!

That night I was really cool and then my head felt like it was going to explode!  I soon realized that I was sick.  But I didn't have a chance to stop until Friday and when Friday came I didn't get out of bed until 2.  To say the least, I was tired and sick.  But I am fine now.

On Wednesday we did service all day pretty much.  In the morning we helped a member out on moving a few things and then we went finding with the Zone leaders and then went to our other service project with Red Cross which took the rest of the day.  We went door to door installing smoke alarms in homes that did not have them.  So we got to talk to a lot of people.  I had one man that we went into his house and he saw my name tag and asked about our church a bit and what I did as a missionary.  I didn't talk about doctrine because Red Cross didn't want us to represent our church but the Red Cross.  But since he asked I got to share with him a little bit about it.  He is a preacher as well, really nice guy.  Gave me a book that he wrote, "Eternity the Final Frontier."  It sounds kinda like something from Star Trek!  Buts it was a really nice gift from him.

On Thursday early in the morning we headed over to Mission Leadership Counsel.  We received some training from Mike Hemmingway, the director of proselyting for the church, and Mark Penndleton, from the missionary department.  It was really awesome.  They had answers to every question put out there and they answered some of mine.  It was really nice.  I also got to talk to some missionaries that I had not been able to talk to in a really long time.

Then Friday I was sick.  I do not remember much but it was a day.

Saturday we had Conference.  Really awesome only problem was we didn't have any investigators come for conference.  What a way to go out, no investigators came to conference.  But at least we got to watch conference.

Today we are going to Stone Mountain and I get to see Bro. Harper there so i am pretty excited to see him again.  Thank you for reading my email hope you enjoyed details.

- Elder Compton-