Monday, January 26, 2015

A Quick Week

Hello everyone,

 This week seems to have not even happened because it went by so fast.  This week we committed Joe to be baptized on Feb 20th so that was exciting!  We were able to meet with [investigator couple] and actually teach them the Restoration.  Joseph is a cop and he showed me his sweet AR-15 gun which was way cool.

We did a lot of biking this week because we are out of miles [for the car] for the month.  This Thursday we have a leadership meeting that elder Thurgood and I are going too.  This ward is so awesome because they feed us every night so now I can eat better.

A little about my Companion.  He is from Farmington [UT].  He likes to mountain bike, climb, and do just about everything I do.   He is down to 20 months [left] on his mission, so I might get to kill [send him home] him.

We also saw [investigator] this week.  He is pretty cool.  He cuts down trees for a living.  He read the whole D&C in like a week and he committed himself to read the whole Book of Mormon in a week and start praying again.  This guy was atheist for a while and his heart has been softened by the power of the Holy Ghost.  He is well on his way there.

Thank you all for the love and support you send me.  It really helps when I have a tough day and I come home to letter in the mail from home.

Love you all!!  Have an awesome day!!   D&C 4

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Companion Elder Thurgood

Hello everyone!

 I got a new companion.  His name is Elder Thurgood and he is from Farmington Utah.   The other day we put Joe on a date [for baptism] about a month out, so it’s going to be exciting.  We had a good week.   We had 3 investigators at church this week!

It was a pretty warm week this week.  We got up to 70 degrees this week, so pretty warm.  Almost warm enough for just white shirts!

Thank you all for the great support and have an awesome week!

Monday, January 12, 2015

11 Investigators at Church!

Hello everyone!

This week was a fun week, but I really don't remember much of it.  But on Monday after emailing, Elder Smith and I went mountain biking behind our house and it was so much fun.  And I went fishing so when I get home from the mission I will show you because I made a video of it.

So I really can’t remember what we did but we found this Spanish family and this [past] Sunday they came to church!!!  And guess how many came!?  11 people!!  So it was a lot of excitement that Sunday and a lot of running around to do.  They said they would come back the next Sunday so we are going to baptizes them!  So that was our mighty miracle this week.  

Oh!  We had zone training this week so that was exciting.  We learned a lot of things and I think it will help a lot.  It also got down to like 17 degrees one day and just so happened to be the day we were on bikes.  But we survived with eleven fingers ;).  But we used the cold to our advantage because people were more willing to let us in.  So that’s what happened this week.

Transfers on this Wednesday and I am staying!  Yeah !!!  But my companion is leaving, so I will have to pick up this area.  But it’s okay.  I can do it.  Oh!  Should have put this in my email forever ago, but I saw Aaron Nelson who lives in Woodland Hills.  He's in this mission!  WHAT!?!

Anyway, thank you for all that you do!  Thanks for the prayers and support.  Love ya'all!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Exchanges With The Zone Leaders

This week we were able to hit up some potential investigators and we made a few appointments.  On Saturday and Friday night we went on an exchange with the zone leaders.  I went with Elder Olive in [the town of] Acworth.   We were going to an appointment but it fell through so we talked and shared a message with a member family.  The next day we taught three member present lessons and found a family while tracting in between visits.  We also taught a recent convert lesson.  That was about it for the exchange.  Elder Olive is a very, very good zone leader.  I respect him a lot.

Yesterday we saw Mary and Joseph, our investigators who mostly are living the Word of Wisdom already.  We had our ward mission leader there so that was solid.  They contacted well, I think.  We shared a little bit about the Book of Mormon.  I wish we could have taught more of a lesson because it was more talking than teaching.   But [I think] we are going to baptize them.

So on Tuesday after District Meeting we were taking our lunch break and found this trail that went back behind our house.  We followed it and it leads to a creek!!!  And so yeah baby!!!  We's goin' fishin' on p-day!!!  So [I am] hopeful that I will stay here a long time.  I will send pics.  We also found a tree stand and so we went up and took pics.

I had a great week this week!  I hope ya'all did as well.  Thank you all for the prayers and support.  Shout out to Jeff's b-day on the 2nd.  Happy b-day bro!!

love you all!!!