Monday, October 27, 2014

Transferred to Powder Springs

We have been tracking for a long few days and I can see now that I was very blessed in Calhoun!  We found an investigator who calls herself "a wanna be Mormon."  Basically her husband will not allow it, so we need to baptizes him!  We are going to start working with her.  We also have this other couple who are open to us teaching but aren't open to change, so we are going to work with them.

Elder Bowcutt [new companion] is a good companion.  He is nothing like me but that is good because we have the gospel in common.  We will work hard.  

I am in Powder springs serving in the Lost Mountain Ward.  Wow!  What a change.  We have the most active ward in the mission with 300 members at church.  My new address is

Elder Compton the Monster
3268 Lancer Drive.
Powder Springs, GA 30127

You can look it up on Google maps [Click Here] and see that I am living in a house,  Yep, 4 bedroom house with a gas stove...and no food when we got here whatsoever.  It has a play house out back, a yard, and a garage.  But when we wake up in the mornings the house is cold!

Thank you all for the blessed letters.  Keep on writing me.  I will write you if you write me.  Have a blessed day!

Missionary House in Powder Springs, GA

Friday, October 24, 2014

New Address for Elder Compton

New Address is posted on the side and below.

Elder Tyler Compton
3268 Lance Dr
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Monday, October 20, 2014

Elder Compton Is Getting Transferred

I received the news that I am being transferred.  I will be leaving Calhoun by Wednesday.  I am sad to leave "da' Houn".

Tyler in the Haywood Valley of Georgia

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fishing and More Success With Less Active Families

This last week on p-day we went fishing at this little pond and caught nothing!!!   Just so you know I had one on and the fish almost [broke my pole] so I cut the line, so there were some big ones in there.  We had to be careful because there were snapping turtles, copperheads (which are like rattles snakes) and water moccasins.  When we got home I had some chiggers on my legs but I’m ok now because they are gone.

Last Wednesday we had zone conference.  We had to get up at 3:30 to get there in time.   We also got to go to the temple.    We got to watch Meet the Mormons.  Pretty awesome!

Today we got to go to Front Mountain.  It’s about 2,823 feet high, so that was cool.  There’s a legend about it because on one side of the mountain there is a wall of rocks.  Cherokee legend has it that there were people with blonde hair and blue eyes who use to be there until the Cherokees killed them off.  So a lot of the members here believe that to be the last battle place of the Nephi nation.  So you can Google and figure out more.

This week we had more luck with the less active.  We would have appointment after appointment fall through and so we would go to a less active family and we would get in and talk to them.   We also got this less active member and his family to come to church.  I don't think he wanted to be there... BUT HE WAS THERE AND SO WAS HIS WIFE!  It was great!

Oh and awesome miracles this week!  We are being feed every single night so it is good, yeah!  I think the ward likes us.

Last week we had exchanges.  I went with my district leader and I learned a lot on how to do store contacting.  He showed me in a way that made perfect sense, so I'm excited to try it out more.  We also noticed this one thing that is happening in all the less actives.  They are not reading the Bok of Mormon and beginning to doubt Joseph Smith.  I testify that we need to read the Book or Mormon, as well as the Bible.  The Bible is the “what” and the Book of Mormon is the “why”.  Remember that.

I love you all at home.  Take care.   Thank you for all the prayers that you give for me.  Thank you so much for the letters you send.  It is a great blessing in a missionary’s life to get one.  Have an Awesome day!  

Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend Update

Hey!  This one will be short because we are using a member’s computer.  This week was awesome.  I think it was awesome that Elder Dallin H. Oaks [click link to hear the talk] and I are on the same page.

I have pics but since I am in a hurry you can see them in the future.  Great conference this weekend.  Follow the prophet!  It’ going to get rough soon.

We had a training meeting for those who are still new [Guess Tyler is still “new”].  So that was awesome.  But no one let us know until 10 minutes before [the training started].  If you don’t understand how far it was for us to drive, it would be like driving from Salem to Brigham City and back, so a total of about 200 miles that day.  Once again we will be riding bikes a lot.

[We are] going fishing right after this.  Next week I will have some awesome pics.

Met with a lot of less actives this week so that was good.  Anyway, thank you for all the letters and b-day wishes!  Have an awesome day!!!

Older Picture from 9-10-14 Tyler Sent this week to his mom