Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fun P-Day

Hello Everyone,

This week was pretty rainy.  But nonetheless we still pushed through the storm.  Last P-day we went to Dauset Trails by Indian Springs, the oldest state park.  Dauset Trails has trails up through it and a bunch of animals like snakes, turtles, mountains lions, and you name it we saw it there.  So it was pretty fun.  The Harpers and the Knolls took us there.

On Tuesday we went and saw Traci and we were able to sit down and talk to her about the restored gospel.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read it.  After the lesson she told us that she really felt the spirit as we taught her.  

We were able to Lee and talk to him about his Book of Mormon reading.  He has now finished 1 Nephi and still feels strongly inspired by the book.  We talked to the Knolls this week and they are going to try and see if we can both go over there and teach him more.  Saturday we were able to see the Sanders and get in contact with them. We asked them if they would come to church they said they would, but they didn't.  But I believe they are ones that we can get to come to church if we work hard with them.

Saturday we were just got back from working with the Knights helping them out with some things and we were leaving again to go see some people when a preacher came and knocked on our door to talk to us.  Long story short, he just wanted to bash with us and having a younger and cocky companion they started to go at it.  Oh well.  The church is still true.   Anyway, don't Bible bash.  It’s just a waste of a hour of your life and you will get nowhere.

Thanks for reading! HAVE A BLESSED DAY!!!

Pics me and Mr. Pinky

Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Investigators

Hello Everyone,

This week was awesome!  Our investigators have been reading the Book of Mormon this week and their testimonies are growing.  First off, while we were waiting to meet a less active at the church, we got a call from Lee who we had talked to early this week.  He was calling to talk to us about what he has read  and went off on how there was Hebrew signs in the Cherokee Indian history and good stuff like that.  Anyway, he is really excited about the book of Mormon.  He has read so far up to 1 Nephi 8.   As well, he wants to meet with us as soon as his home is somewhat clean.  so he is pretty excited and we are too!

Bobby who is Candy's husband has read up to 1 Nephi 20 and just has question after question for us.  What’ really cool about him is that you can see the real intent he has of wanting to know more.  Anyway, he is planning on coming to church.  We are very excited or these two.

We met with Sandy.  She has not kept her commitment this past week so we were a little sad for that.  But she still wants to be baptized.  We try getting her on date but she said that she needs more time so we will try and talked to her about it next time more.

This last week we had an awesome find.  We were going over to visit a potential Investigator’s house and this lady came out and asked us if we were selling anything.  We were like nope, “we are missionaries, do you want to say a pray with us?”  She was like, “yeah, you guys Mormons.”  As we started talking to her she had worked for a dentist who was a Mormon.  In fact, all the employees were Mormon and so she was very interested in the Book of Mormon.  She told us that by next Tuesday, I will have read it all so we will see tomorrow.

This Sunday Bro Knight, who was [recently] baptized gave a talk and he did a really good job.  I was super proud of him.

Today we are going to go hiking in the woods so I will send some sweet pics next week but until then peace!!

Thanks ya'all

Monday, September 14, 2015

Short Letter

Hey Everyone,

It’s going to be short because I don't have much time this week.  This week we exchanged with our District leader.  Elder Hansen and I were in Stockbridge and they had nothing really planned so we went finding all day.  It was pretty fun especially since it has cooled off now and so we don't sweat as much.    But we had fun.  We also helped them move into a new apartment.

Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Great Experiences With Team Ups

Since I've hit my year mark, time has just been flying by.  Some of the highlights of this week were, we were able to see and teach Jason, a man we found in Flovilla.  We taught him the Restoration and invited him to come to church and to read the Book of Mormon.  What was really awesome was that he asked a lot of good question and we could see that he had real intent.  He didn't come to church and he told us he couldn't because of his work schedule.  We are super excited to work with this man.  I think that he really felt the spirit as we were teaching.

This Saturday we were able to get Bro. Knight on a team up and we went and saw Candy's husband.  Bro. Knight boldly invited him to come to church.  Bro. knight was so excited for the work after our team up he and his wife took us later that night to see a lady who used to see the elders.  So we went and saw her and he once again invited her boldly to come to church.

Then on fast and testimony Sunday he bore his testimony about missionary work and how much joy he got from going on a team up.  It was truly inspiring.  Those were some of the many miracles we saw this week.

Sorry so short.  We have a busy day today.  Have a great week!

Write me a letter this week!   Thank you for reading this email!