Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

This week we had a lot of success on seeing members.  Numbers don't show, but on Christmas Eve we were with Bro. Gomez who is the high priest leader in our ward.  We went with him to visit members in the ward.  We had 5 RCLA [Recent Convert / Less Active?] from that but we saw a total of 17 families with him.  It was pretty awesome.  As well we had dinner with bro Gomez and our ward mission leader that night so Bro. Gomez had somewhere to have dinner with someone.

On Christmas we went over to Bishop Hammond's house and had lunch and Skyped our families.  When we got there we got to make cookies, so it was fun.  I chose Bishop because we haven't met him really so I thought this would be a perfect chance to talk with him for a little bit and get to know him.  And that went well.  After that we left and tried to see James and Karen and wish them merry Christmas.  And we saw a few others and had dinner with Alex.  So it was a good day.

Then on Saturday we went and saw some PTs [?] after which we had lunch and then we got picked by Brothers Outlaw, Fragher and Pickney.  We went to a few of our appointments with them.  One of us and one of the brothers would teach and the others would find.  We were pretty successful doing that.

So [here is] a crazy story.  On Sunday as we were riding our bikes to a dinner appointment.  A black Mercedes Benz hit me while I was riding my bike!!!!  No bones broken, no stitches, no brain damage, just a black Mercedes Benz with a white streak on his front bumper!!!  Ha ha!  We shared a card with him as well before we left!  For all of those concerned about the bike, it is fine as well and still rides great!

Thank you all for the letter and such that you have sent to me!

Making cookies at Bishop Hammond's house

Elder Schienk one of my favorite elders out here

Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!,

Wow!  Christmas is here and it’s like 70 degrees outside!  It really doesn't feel like Christmas.  We need some snow and then it would be Christmas.

It’s been pretty exciting though.  We have had a lot of fun.  Last Wednesday I got my new companion.  His name is Elder Reber from Enterprise Utah which is North of St. George about an hour.

This week we went to town on finding [investigators] and getting to know the members.  My last companion had been here for six months before me so he already knew everyone.  I didn't get to meet very many people [in the short time we were together].  But we had tried to see as many members and find a whole lot.  And we were able to see the fruits of our labors.  We found some really awesome [investigators] to teach.

Christmas we have our plans all figured out.  Thursday we will do weekly planning after which we have an appointment with a man and we are going to see a bunch of people.  From like 1pm until our dinner appointment at like 7 we are going to see people with him.  Then on Christmas we are going to open packages then go over to the bishop’s house and skype [home].  Then that night we are going to eat dinner with a family.  Those are our plans so hopefully we will stay busy the hardest time of the year for missionary work.  Oh, also, we have a Christmas zone conference.

Anyways hope all is well have a very merry Christmas!!!  Love ya all!

Warm Christmas!

Monday, December 14, 2015

More Teaching with Elder Facey

Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas!!!  This week was awesome!  Elder Crockett hurt his ankle [now awesome that he hurt his ankle] so he got to go with elder Ashworth and I got to go with elder Facey for the week which was awesome!  Because me and Facey are tight like that.  But we were able to get a lot done even on bike.  Elder Facey and I are really good at is teaching in unity.  We had a lot of teaching we had to do this week.  We were rocking it as the spirit was there as we both testified!  It was really exciting.

One of the people we were able to teach was Michelle.  Michelle is a lady who has been investigating for ten years now and is finally ready to be baptized and we were able to put her on date.  So she is planning on getting baptized after the Christmas-“ness”.

We also taught this man who is really nice.  He has a lot of potential.   Our lesson began with talking about different philosophy of our church compared with others.   That was great but it was just a conversion but we were able to bring it back to talking about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  It was really awesome!   Over all this week we had a lot of success.

Well it’s transfer week and it looks like I will be staying here and I will be getting a new companion.  So it works out pretty good.

This week I've been studying Abinadi's talk to King Noah.  In short it’s like 2 Nephi 31 but more in depth.  It’s really awesome.  If you want to really and get deep with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Read Mosiah 11-17.  In Chapter 18 Alma preaching to the people what he heard from Abinadi.
Oh, as well, last p-day we went to Pediment Park in down town Atlanta.  We had a lot of fun.  

Thank you all for your love and support!

p.s. Oh, btw it’s been 70 dgrees here I've been wearing just a white shirt and tie.  Sorry for those of you in Utah that are really cold...
Last p-day in the park with mid town behind me

Monday, December 7, 2015

Exchanges with Elder Facey

Hello Everyone,

Well this week was the struggle... haha, but it’s ok because I had the opportunity to get to go on exchanges with the one and only Elder Facey from England.  Elder Facey and I go way back in the mission.  I served with him in Burnt hickory for about three months and now we are kick 'in it over here in Brockett again at the same time of year.  So it’s awesome!

So we had a good miracle that happened.  Elder Facey and I had some down time before going into an appointment.  So he being here longer than I, he knew some members who just moved in and said they had been struggling, so we went [to visit].  The wife was home but said come back later tonight, I have a family I want you guys to meet!  So we went to our appointment with Kevin who was a referral from some sisters in the North mission.  Elder Facey and I had a great lesson with him.  We are meeting with him again this Tuesday.  After our appointment with Kevin, we went back over and met this family the member wanted us to meet and they we were really nice and open to learn.  Unfortunately, they cannot speak English so the member had to help us.  But we were able to hand [them off to] the Spanish elders.

Then my companion got sick, so the rest of the week was rest.  We got our car back so that is good too.

Elder Herrera - Saw him last night. He was just made zone leader
Elder Facey

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Splits With Elder From Guyana

Hey everyone,

This one is going to be short.  But we had a great week this week with lots of turkey and fun.  This week I went on exchanges with an elder from Guyana, which is right by you dad [next door to Venezuela]!!  Anyway it was fun!

Love you all have a great week!!!