Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracle in WalMart

We didn't have much new happen this week.  We met with all our investigators and we found like 6 more.  We are filling up our schedule most of the time.  Oh, I guess here is something cool but ya'all  know it is coming.  We are probably getting iPads this January.  

This week we found some members who haven’t been to church and are not on the records here in Calhoun.  So it’s kinda crazy and awesome.  We are starting to pick up the dice with Dale and Carolina who Elder Alade and I found before transfers.  They love us and it’s awesome.  Also, we started teaching some teenagers so we will see where that goes.

So it sounds like Utah is getting a lot of rain.  Well, I think since last month it has rained here three times very lightly.  It is kind of weird.  We had a miracle the other day I would like to share.  We were at Walmart getting some cleaning supplies and we had this lady walk to us as we were checking out and say hey are you [living] in such and such neighborhood and we were like yeah and she was like come back Tuesday and teach us.  We were like ok and then she walked off.  YEAH!!!!!!!   So that was way awesome.

We went and ate over at a member’s home.  I wish that I had pics but this was in the country and they have a pond.  We are going to go catch some catfish next p-day so I will send pics when we do!

Love ya'all!  Love getting letters from everyone.  Letters make my mission easier hearing from you.  Thank you and have an awesome day! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Piggly Wiggly and the Fair

Wow!  What a week of hard stuff.   So after I wrote my email last week we cleaned the apartment.  Oh, btw, the three elders that were here last time were like well we aren’t going to be here so let’s blow the miles on this car...not our problem.  So we don’t have a lot of miles for the month, so the struggle is real.

Then [after cleaning the apartment] we went to the fair where we had a booth [for the church].  A few of the members were there and they were like, “hey, go walk around and let people see you.  So we did.”  We had a Baptist preacher walk up to us and start talking to us.  He didn’t tell us he was [a preacher] until later on.  But anyway he started off acting like he wanted to know more about the church and then he switched the switch.  Elder Harding and he went at it for a while.  I testify that if anyone comes down on a mission and feels that a person is going to try and [Bible] bash, you testify and then walk off.  They’re so hard headed that they are not trying to feel the spirit they just want to prove they are right and you are wrong.

So that was Monday.  We taught a few investigators on Tuesday and Wednesday then we got sick for two days, so we were out for a while.  Then on Saturday we found like 9 new investigators.  Awesome!  Baptisms!!!!!!!  Families Forever!!!

We have a store here called Piggly Wiggly.  It’s a... yeah... something you have to see for yourself....

Thank you for the letters that you send.  I enjoy hearing about home and hearing about you.  And remember, baptisms, families, Gospel of Jesus Christ, eternal life!!!!  Enduring to the end!!!  Enjoy your day!

Canning at the fair

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Carterville Zone Conference Pictures

There are a few pictures on Facebook of Tyler from a recent zone conference.  He is tagged so they should be easy to find.  A couple of them are below.

Monday, September 15, 2014

New Companion From Spanish Fork!

So this week we had transfers.   I got a new companion and I am still in “Da Houn”.  His name is Elder Harding and the first few minutes we found out that this companionship was going to be awesome!  Basically think of what I like to do and then make me two inches taller and you have my companion.  Elder Harding’s first name is Jake.

So some of you may know Jake from The Utah Valley Children's Choir.  He also was involved in Venturing and Timberline.   In fact, Jeff was his troop guide when he was going to Timberline, which is awesome.  While we were driving back to Calhoun we asked each other who we knew and we have about 25 people that we know in common.  So that’s cool!

Now we are taking off [the work?].  We have three investigators that are really close to baptism.   So we will probably have them in the next month or so.  It’s starting to cool off here in the Houn, so now I’m starting to like Georgia!  Yeah!  So my companion likes what I like to do sooooooo..... you know what that means....    means we’re going to go fishing one of these p-days!!!!!!!!  Yeah, I don’t care if we catch mud cat right now, I am just so happy we are companions.  Also, the Spanish missionaries left Calhoun and so there is just us.  So that’s fun.

Not a lot happened this week.  Transfers were crazy.  We had to drive down the day before [for transfers] and for Elder Skouson because he received his visa and then we stayed the night at the office Elders’ apartment.  I got my bike, btw mom, and it’s beautiful.  Fun stuff!

I got some letters from ya all! Thank you so much I love it when I get letters.  It makes me smile when I get one.   It’s getting cold soon so don’t freeze over there.  I’m going to enjoy this mild winter.  Ha! Ha!  But no snow…bummer.   Oh well, doesn’t matter because we can’t draft in the Lord’s car....  ha! Ha!

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts and stuff.  Love you all and enjoy your day.

New Companion - Elder Jake Harding

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transfers This Week and a Very Short Note

Last p-day we played basketball with the zone and that was fun.  I dunked a few times [short basket?] so that was pretty cool.  Transfers are this Wednesday.   We know that one of us is going but not sure which one of us.

The mission president is pulling the Spanish speaking missionaries out of Calhoun.  That’s going to make the branch sad [I think that they were waiting for visas to other missions].   We cleaned the branch building and I vacuumed the chapel, so that was two hours of singing.

Keep on writing me.  Love ya’ all.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Racking Up the Miles

So this week went by really fast.  On Monday we went home  teaching and I met an older guy who was from the San Luis Valley and lived in [Manassa].  He looked like he was from the San Luis Valley so that was [a little] of home [hmmm, I wonder if I should be insulted here].   Then we ate at Zaxby's  [].

The next day we had interviews so we had to drive to Carterville.  I thought that was cool.  Then on Friday we went to training in Peachtree in the Redwine Church building.  It started at 8 so we had to leave the apartment at 6 to get there so that was long plus we got a ride from a member who didn’t know how to drive stick so it was rough and fun.

We have two investigators who are really close to baptism so that’s good.  One of them cycles so that is even cooler.  Yeah go bikes!  Oh mom, btw, my bike I’m not sure where it is and I don’t think the mission home is really sure where it is either so I have not seen it [that is getting straightened out].

So yesterday, we went for a ride in the country side of Calhoun looking for people that the ward needed to contact.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera; didn’t think we would be in the country.  We burned about a hundred miles [on the mission car] in one day and we are only supposed to use like 30 a day so.... yolo [You Only Live Once]!

I love it when it rains here, especially when it’s all day because it cools it off here.   This week the weather has been about 100 degrees with high humidity.   I think there are a least 200 different church buildings here in Calhoun.  There’s your traditional church building and then you have some churches in like a store building with a Burger King next door.  I will get a pics next time and send.   Thank you for all the letters that you send!  I appreciate when you send them.   Have a great day!  Oh, also transfers are on the tenth so we shall see what happens.