Monday, May 18, 2015

21 Member Present Lessons!

Hello Everyone,

This week my companion and I rocked it!  We were able to get a lot done!  We were able to see all our investigators.  We found this lady a while ago that we went back and talked to.  She was quite stand-offish.  She still is a bit.  She has heard a lot of bad things about the church.  So she has been asking a lot of those “anti” questions.  But we had an awesome time when we contacted her and so now we are meeting with her.  She probably is not going to accept a date for now.  But in time she will come to know of the truth that we shared with her.

This week was the first time that both me and my companion were able to hit 21 member present lessons, which is the goal our mission president wants us to hit!  So it was pretty exciting for us last night as we finished with that.

But I am not going to see the result because I am leaving to go to a new area.... again....  yes it’s only been 10 months and I am on my 5th area.  But i am excited to see more of Georgia.  So, yes, I am being transferred.

P-day last week, as you can see [pictures], was so much fun.  We got to go fishing and I caught 4 fish boom!!!!  Oh yeah! I got royally sun burnt on my neck because my collar wasn’t there.  But it was fun!!!

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