Monday, September 21, 2015

Great Investigators

Hello Everyone,

This week was awesome!  Our investigators have been reading the Book of Mormon this week and their testimonies are growing.  First off, while we were waiting to meet a less active at the church, we got a call from Lee who we had talked to early this week.  He was calling to talk to us about what he has read  and went off on how there was Hebrew signs in the Cherokee Indian history and good stuff like that.  Anyway, he is really excited about the book of Mormon.  He has read so far up to 1 Nephi 8.   As well, he wants to meet with us as soon as his home is somewhat clean.  so he is pretty excited and we are too!

Bobby who is Candy's husband has read up to 1 Nephi 20 and just has question after question for us.  What’ really cool about him is that you can see the real intent he has of wanting to know more.  Anyway, he is planning on coming to church.  We are very excited or these two.

We met with Sandy.  She has not kept her commitment this past week so we were a little sad for that.  But she still wants to be baptized.  We try getting her on date but she said that she needs more time so we will try and talked to her about it next time more.

This last week we had an awesome find.  We were going over to visit a potential Investigator’s house and this lady came out and asked us if we were selling anything.  We were like nope, “we are missionaries, do you want to say a pray with us?”  She was like, “yeah, you guys Mormons.”  As we started talking to her she had worked for a dentist who was a Mormon.  In fact, all the employees were Mormon and so she was very interested in the Book of Mormon.  She told us that by next Tuesday, I will have read it all so we will see tomorrow.

This Sunday Bro Knight, who was [recently] baptized gave a talk and he did a really good job.  I was super proud of him.

Today we are going to go hiking in the woods so I will send some sweet pics next week but until then peace!!

Thanks ya'all

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