Friday, July 18, 2014

First Fews Days at the MTC

Tyler, Elder Philips, and Elder Talbot
Hello everyone one!  This has been a great first few days.  Wow!  I never really believed people when they said it was like Timberline.  They are patterned the same way.

The first day drop off was probably the hardest but now it’s not easy but very doable.  Our district has 8 missionaries.  We have three sister missionaries and five elders and yes I happen to be in a threesome but that’s ok because I will be able to learn from two companions.    Their names are elder Talbot and Philips.  Some of the people that I know that I have seen are bro. Bowman, elder Steven Goodsell  and elder Seth Robertson (ps Maren I told him “hey” for you.  We have two teachers, bro Bacon and Lee who are great teachers.  Something that I think is cool is in our branch we have two sister missionaries from Pakistan!  How awesome is that?  Bless their souls.  It’s gotta be tough.  Everyone in my district are going to Atlanta on the same day.  So it’s pretty cool.  Jeff, yes elder Shrienk is in my district but he is in the other companionship.  Yhank you for all the support and prayers from home.

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