Friday, July 25, 2014

Tyler Prepares to Leave the MTC

25 July 2014

Hey everyone!  The MTC has been great.  I never thought that I could study for 9 hours a day and love it!  But more importantly we have learned to teach to the needs of the investigators.  

And on side note, I would like to call you all to repentance... especially to all that said you would write me.  I love hearing from you and I’m sad cuz I haven’t heard from you.  I’m still here at the MTC until Monday night.  I can’t write you unless you write me [Tyler needs your addresses].   Please do :) cuz i want to hear from you.  

Anyway, this week I have seen Wesley Cook, Chase Dietz, Cole Christensen, Blake Taylor, and James Carrington.  Yesterday we had an in-field orientation ... a solid 10 hour meeting  :-).  When I fly out on Tuesday we have to leave the MTC at 3:30am in the morning and our flight leaves at 7:02 and then we arrive at 1 pm Georgia time.  Kind of a funny, the district [flight] that is going to Hawaii is shorter than our flight because of the time zone changes.  I thought that was kind of funny.  

BTW, I am ready to get [in the field].  I just want to teach now.   I found a really good Scripture that’s kind of now my prep talk for missionaries.  It’s D&C 138.  The verse is like one of the last few ones but I can’t remember [which one] and I don’t have a [triple combination] on me but it talks about how we were taught in the life before and we were prepared to come at this time to bring the world the gospel.  Wish I could remember but it’s really great [I believe he is talking about DC 138:56].  

For those preparing for a mission, we do a lot of role play and it probably is the most effective tool.   I love how God has helped me keep focus on the work because I must say I can look like I am paying attention  in class but usually I’m thinking of something [else] but here in the MTC and being a missionary it’s been awesome and I have learned so much.   Remember that God wants us home and if you don’t forget him, he won’t forget you.   Next time I email I will be in Georgia.  yeah!!!   Last thing, WRITE ME A LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!  I want to hear from you! 


Elder Tyler Compton

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