Monday, October 27, 2014

Transferred to Powder Springs

We have been tracking for a long few days and I can see now that I was very blessed in Calhoun!  We found an investigator who calls herself "a wanna be Mormon."  Basically her husband will not allow it, so we need to baptizes him!  We are going to start working with her.  We also have this other couple who are open to us teaching but aren't open to change, so we are going to work with them.

Elder Bowcutt [new companion] is a good companion.  He is nothing like me but that is good because we have the gospel in common.  We will work hard.  

I am in Powder springs serving in the Lost Mountain Ward.  Wow!  What a change.  We have the most active ward in the mission with 300 members at church.  My new address is

Elder Compton the Monster
3268 Lancer Drive.
Powder Springs, GA 30127

You can look it up on Google maps [Click Here] and see that I am living in a house,  Yep, 4 bedroom house with a gas stove...and no food when we got here whatsoever.  It has a play house out back, a yard, and a garage.  But when we wake up in the mornings the house is cold!

Thank you all for the blessed letters.  Keep on writing me.  I will write you if you write me.  Have a blessed day!

Missionary House in Powder Springs, GA

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