Monday, June 29, 2015

Investigators Come and Find Us Now!

Hello everyone,

Happy 4th July!!!  Talking with investigators and members it sounds like they will be shooting off more than just fireworks!!!!   But it’s the South....

So this week was pretty normal.  My companion and I are both staying here in Jackson for another six weeks, so it’s nice for things to stay the same.  Sheldon has taken a [few] steps back this week.  But on the 11th we have a baptism for Bro. knight and I'm pretty sure he will get baptized.

After weekly planning we were just finishing up and we get a knock at the door.  We went and answered the door and this young man was there.  He said, "hey guys ready to bible study?"  We were like “ok,” and so we went and got our scriptures and did kind of like what they do in "The Best Two Years".  We had a lesson in our apartment.  He had a lot of questions and concerns, especially since he was Baptist.  But he was really truly searching for truth which is exactly what you want in an investigator.  After we finished he asked if we can do it again same time same day [next week].   I'm like “yeah!”  Teaching a lesson and we don't have to find them or go to their house!  I like this!!!!  So I am excited to work with him.

Thanks for your prayers and all that you all do!!!  Love you all!!!!

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