Monday, December 28, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone,

This week we had a lot of success on seeing members.  Numbers don't show, but on Christmas Eve we were with Bro. Gomez who is the high priest leader in our ward.  We went with him to visit members in the ward.  We had 5 RCLA [Recent Convert / Less Active?] from that but we saw a total of 17 families with him.  It was pretty awesome.  As well we had dinner with bro Gomez and our ward mission leader that night so Bro. Gomez had somewhere to have dinner with someone.

On Christmas we went over to Bishop Hammond's house and had lunch and Skyped our families.  When we got there we got to make cookies, so it was fun.  I chose Bishop because we haven't met him really so I thought this would be a perfect chance to talk with him for a little bit and get to know him.  And that went well.  After that we left and tried to see James and Karen and wish them merry Christmas.  And we saw a few others and had dinner with Alex.  So it was a good day.

Then on Saturday we went and saw some PTs [?] after which we had lunch and then we got picked by Brothers Outlaw, Fragher and Pickney.  We went to a few of our appointments with them.  One of us and one of the brothers would teach and the others would find.  We were pretty successful doing that.

So [here is] a crazy story.  On Sunday as we were riding our bikes to a dinner appointment.  A black Mercedes Benz hit me while I was riding my bike!!!!  No bones broken, no stitches, no brain damage, just a black Mercedes Benz with a white streak on his front bumper!!!  Ha ha!  We shared a card with him as well before we left!  For all of those concerned about the bike, it is fine as well and still rides great!

Thank you all for the letter and such that you have sent to me!

Making cookies at Bishop Hammond's house

Elder Schienk one of my favorite elders out here

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