Monday, March 14, 2016

Elder Facey Has Gone Home

This week was pretty crazy.  Monday we saw Brother Bridges and he took us to Golden Coral where we ate ourselves sick!  It was pretty awesome!  Then on Tuesday we had district meeting.  Then Elder Facey packed like all day.  Then we had a member feed us dinner.  We had fish and chips in preparation of going home for elder Facey.  Then that same night we had a huge hamburger!  It as well was good so this week is just slam packed with good food!

Then Wednesday was the sad day that elder Facey went home.  I got Elder Park.  He's pretty cool.  He is from South Jordan.  Anyways, we went to town on finding and that has kind of been the rest of our week was finding.

We found this hippie whose dad was Mormon and we started teaching him.  Oh!  As well, Connie dropped us like a rock when she found out that Elder Facey was gone, so no more Connie.

This week the Segovias wanted to have a b-day cake for me!  So that is what that picture is.  The underlining reason is sister Segovias is on a no sweets diet and her cheat is b-days so that is why!  But it’s been good.  I don’t know I like the idea of being district leader.  It is a lot more stressful.  I’d rather just do the work.

Anyways, sorry this email was not organized.  I just kind of through in a bunch of things that happened.  Thank you all for your support!  Keep on praying for the work to move forward!

-Elder Compton-

Pre-Birthday (by a lot) Cake for Elder Compton

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