Monday, August 18, 2014

Just Another Day in the ‘Houn [Calhoun]

We were “tracting” and contacting when I saw two raccoons in someone’s front yard.  Sorry my camera didn't like the lighting so it was a little blurred.  I thought that was pretty cool.

The next day we were on a call and I saw something small run across the room.   It was a lizard that ran across our apartment.  So that was something exciting for the day!

Later that day my companion took a nap during lunch so I gave him some cards.  :-)

We found this family near brother Nelson’s apartment.  So far we have taught the Restoration and Plan of Happiness.  They are progressing!   The other highlights are we got to go to a football game.  Football is a pretty big thing here in Calhoun.  Kinda weird going [to a game] in church clothes.

I was able to participate in his first baptism.  His name is Abraham and he is 16 years old.  You can refer to the picture that [includes] Tyler with “unhealthy” short hair.  We were talking to sister Landrys  about Abraham’s baptism and then we walked over to another member who we thought might have some referrals for us.  She gave us a few referrals for her neighbors.


Miracles are happening everywhere around us!

Oh!  Interesting story told in church yesterday.  There was a man giving a talk about Haywood Valley and then he talked about how they [early converts] moved to the San Luis Valley!  I justed wanted to yell HEY THAT’S MY PEEPS YOU TALKIN' ABOUT!!! YEAH!!! THAT’S MY FAM THERE!  But I didn’t.  I just sat quietly keeping it in.  But it was pretty cool.  I think next p-day I'm going to get my companion to allow us to go [to Haywood Valley].   It’s raining today, so not really a good day to go.  Anyway, the lord loves us and he has saved us to for the end.  D&C 138:56.

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