Monday, August 4, 2014

Tyler Arrives in His First Area, Calhoun, Georgia

The e-mails we received from Tyler this week came in a bunch of very short separate e-mails along with a number of pictures.  I have compiled them below.
  • Dad, is Fairmount the city that all of your Sanford peeps come from because if so it’s in my area and I need to know so that I can go to it.  Kinda away from everything so need to know.  Give me last names and stuff.  [Some of the early church converts that ultimately moved to Southern Colorado, where Greg grew up, came from the Haywood Valley of Georgia which is near Calhoun.  Also near where Tyler’s great great great grandpa was born].  
  • The roads here are so you have no place to go but the middle of the road.  And when I got to my area my companion doesn’t has a driver’s license so I drove.  BTW, it [the car] got a week engine... but anyways it’s cool.
  • Hey!  So one more thing.  The branch president in Calhoun mountain bikes and says there’re lots of places he goes here so let Jeff know.  Kinda cool maybe.  I will find [out] where they go.
  • So we flew to Georgia and we left the mtc at 3:30 am that [Tuesday 2014-07-29] morning and got to Georgia at 1:30 pm some time.  Then we went to the chapel and did some training at the there. Then went to a member’s home and stayed the night.  Got up the next day and had a transfers meeting and headed for Calhoun, GA.  My companion is Elder Alade.  He’s from Holland and he speaks Dutch, so I have to correct [his language] a bit sometimes.  In our area they just opened the Spanish speaking missionaries and there is so much work to be done here.  BTW, I did eat some Mexican food so it’s still here.  Kiwi here is 46 cents a pound here just to so ya know or to make you jealous! :)   But I am very blessed here in Calhoun.  We have a nice apartment and a 2014 Ford Fusion and the people here are so nice and really really prepared to hear the gospel.  We have a branch here in Calhoun [with] about 40ish people which means there’s room for improvement.  So yeah, I’m sending a lot of pics so I can’t write as much.  Love y’all.  Please write me!

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