Monday, August 25, 2014

New Church Public Information Effort

Hello!  So this week was pretty awesome partly because I was so tried from the week last night that I lay down on the couch and next thing I know, it’s Monday morning.  Kinda crazy!  Last Monday I went and got a ukulele.  I have been learning some hymns with the ukulele.  

Right now we have some investigators that are a month out from being baptized.  We taught a lot of lessons today.  One of the young men got his call and he is going to France, about a three hour drive for Elder Alade [Tyler’s companion from the Netherlands] to see him when he goes home.  Kind of cool.  He is the one that helped [teach] Abraham when he was baptized [last week], so that was cool.  This past Sunday Abraham was confirmed a member and received the Holy Ghost.

This past Sunday we heard of a change, at least in the South area.  They are doing some more public stuff and have made these cards to show where the church buildings are for the LDS meeting houses because there are a lot of [different] churches here.  They also tell you what to expect in our church.

Another thing is a web site that explains how to become a member and a bunch of stuff like that.  People down here are looking for a good church to go to and so they go to a friend’s or even go online to see what churches are in the area.  So THE CHURCH OFJESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS has been trying to be at the top of Google searches for people to look at instead of all the anti-Mormon stuff being there.  There is lots of good stuff like that that will really move the work along.  So they will be launching that here in our stake first and then see how it goes.

Love you all thank you for all the prayers and thoughts.  Keep writing me and letting me know what’s going on!

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