Monday, September 15, 2014

New Companion From Spanish Fork!

So this week we had transfers.   I got a new companion and I am still in “Da Houn”.  His name is Elder Harding and the first few minutes we found out that this companionship was going to be awesome!  Basically think of what I like to do and then make me two inches taller and you have my companion.  Elder Harding’s first name is Jake.

So some of you may know Jake from The Utah Valley Children's Choir.  He also was involved in Venturing and Timberline.   In fact, Jeff was his troop guide when he was going to Timberline, which is awesome.  While we were driving back to Calhoun we asked each other who we knew and we have about 25 people that we know in common.  So that’s cool!

Now we are taking off [the work?].  We have three investigators that are really close to baptism.   So we will probably have them in the next month or so.  It’s starting to cool off here in the Houn, so now I’m starting to like Georgia!  Yeah!  So my companion likes what I like to do sooooooo..... you know what that means....    means we’re going to go fishing one of these p-days!!!!!!!!  Yeah, I don’t care if we catch mud cat right now, I am just so happy we are companions.  Also, the Spanish missionaries left Calhoun and so there is just us.  So that’s fun.

Not a lot happened this week.  Transfers were crazy.  We had to drive down the day before [for transfers] and for Elder Skouson because he received his visa and then we stayed the night at the office Elders’ apartment.  I got my bike, btw mom, and it’s beautiful.  Fun stuff!

I got some letters from ya all! Thank you so much I love it when I get letters.  It makes me smile when I get one.   It’s getting cold soon so don’t freeze over there.  I’m going to enjoy this mild winter.  Ha! Ha!  But no snow…bummer.   Oh well, doesn’t matter because we can’t draft in the Lord’s car....  ha! Ha!

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts and stuff.  Love you all and enjoy your day.

New Companion - Elder Jake Harding

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