Monday, September 29, 2014

Miracle in WalMart

We didn't have much new happen this week.  We met with all our investigators and we found like 6 more.  We are filling up our schedule most of the time.  Oh, I guess here is something cool but ya'all  know it is coming.  We are probably getting iPads this January.  

This week we found some members who haven’t been to church and are not on the records here in Calhoun.  So it’s kinda crazy and awesome.  We are starting to pick up the dice with Dale and Carolina who Elder Alade and I found before transfers.  They love us and it’s awesome.  Also, we started teaching some teenagers so we will see where that goes.

So it sounds like Utah is getting a lot of rain.  Well, I think since last month it has rained here three times very lightly.  It is kind of weird.  We had a miracle the other day I would like to share.  We were at Walmart getting some cleaning supplies and we had this lady walk to us as we were checking out and say hey are you [living] in such and such neighborhood and we were like yeah and she was like come back Tuesday and teach us.  We were like ok and then she walked off.  YEAH!!!!!!!   So that was way awesome.

We went and ate over at a member’s home.  I wish that I had pics but this was in the country and they have a pond.  We are going to go catch some catfish next p-day so I will send pics when we do!

Love ya'all!  Love getting letters from everyone.  Letters make my mission easier hearing from you.  Thank you and have an awesome day! 

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