Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Racking Up the Miles

So this week went by really fast.  On Monday we went home  teaching and I met an older guy who was from the San Luis Valley and lived in [Manassa].  He looked like he was from the San Luis Valley so that was [a little] of home [hmmm, I wonder if I should be insulted here].   Then we ate at Zaxby's  [http://www.zaxbys.com/home.aspx].

The next day we had interviews so we had to drive to Carterville.  I thought that was cool.  Then on Friday we went to training in Peachtree in the Redwine Church building.  It started at 8 so we had to leave the apartment at 6 to get there so that was long plus we got a ride from a member who didn’t know how to drive stick so it was rough and fun.

We have two investigators who are really close to baptism so that’s good.  One of them cycles so that is even cooler.  Yeah go bikes!  Oh mom, btw, my bike I’m not sure where it is and I don’t think the mission home is really sure where it is either so I have not seen it [that is getting straightened out].

So yesterday, we went for a ride in the country side of Calhoun looking for people that the ward needed to contact.  Unfortunately, I did not have my camera; didn’t think we would be in the country.  We burned about a hundred miles [on the mission car] in one day and we are only supposed to use like 30 a day so.... yolo [You Only Live Once]!

I love it when it rains here, especially when it’s all day because it cools it off here.   This week the weather has been about 100 degrees with high humidity.   I think there are a least 200 different church buildings here in Calhoun.  There’s your traditional church building and then you have some churches in like a store building with a Burger King next door.  I will get a pics next time and send.   Thank you for all the letters that you send!  I appreciate when you send them.   Have a great day!  Oh, also transfers are on the tenth so we shall see what happens.

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