Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lots of "Tracting"

This week was great!  We got to do what every missionary wants to do.... go tracting every day, all day.  The last elders were a little bit lazy and had zero new investigators.  They taught 5 total lessons for the week.   They were doing very little.   So we are tracting every day until we have a teaching pool.  The previous elders did not make friends with members and so when we go to church no one talks to us.  It’s hard right now.  But hey, we are going to baptize!!!  Because we're missionaries!!!

Saturday was a cold one for us but we tracted anyway.

Hope all are having a great day back at home.  I love the letters that I get from ya'all.  Don't stop sending me letters.  It would make Tyler happy if you sent me some!  Love ya'all.  Keep up the missionary work!

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