Monday, March 23, 2015

Investigators and Not Feeling Well

Hello everyone,

Joseph and Mary did come to church on Sunday, which was exciting!  On Tuesday we had a very good district meeting.  It was on the Christ like attributes.  It always bring in the spirit when we talk about how to become more like our savior.  

We were able to meet with Monica this week and talk to her about the Book of Mormon and how it ties into the restoration.  She has been reading it pretty regularly, so she’s doing good.  I wanted to put her on date but she didn't feel ready for a date yet.

The whole weekend either I was sick or my companion elder Thurgood was sick so we were pretty busy trying to get healthy again.

Compare Alma 31:12-18 to Matthew 6: 5-6.  Satan would want us to stand before men and have us be praised by men for worshiping god but we see that Christ would rather have us do it in secret and have us praise him rather than us get praise from man and he will reward us openly.

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