Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Interviews with the President

Hello everyone,

Once again I have made it another week here in Georgia.  This week we had interviews with our mission president and we talked about how we can use members more in our missionary work.  We were also rebuked for not getting 20 member present lessons, but we learned a lot and so things are looking good.

We were able to meet with Monica for lunch and talked about Joseph Smith and how the gospel blesses people’s lives.  On Saturday our ward/elders quorum had what they call the Shoot Out Activate.  [They all bring] their guns out and go shoot.  They shot .22's 9mm, .45's, shotguns, and .357.  That was pretty cool and no I did not shoot any of them,  but the ward [members] were sure tempting me...

We had the zone leaders stay the night last night which was cool.  I mean, we have a house and space to share!!!

Keep the Faith everyone.  Love Ya.  Thank you all!!!!

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