Monday, October 19, 2015

Branch Party

Hello everyone,

We went and taught Debby twice this week.  On Saturday we talked to her and invited her to church.  Anyway, long story short, she came to church again!!!   She was very actively engaged in the lesson in Gospel Principles and stayed for the whole three hours!   I forgot to also include that she has been reading the Book of Mormon as well and moving right along.  

Wednesday we went finding in Monticello because I've [gone finding] most places here other than Monticello.  We found a few people we can go and see, so I am excited for that.

This coming week we have a branch party over at the Knight’s.  We are hoping to have  many investigators there.  This will be a great opportunity for fellowshipping in the branch with investigators.

Sunday was a great [day] for us and the branch.  We had a about 53 people at church and we had 4 investigators at church as well!  For me the most important key indicators are reading the Book of Mormon, member Present [lessons], and Investigators at church.  These three are super important to me and I try my hardest to accomplish them.

Thank you for reading this email!

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