Monday, October 26, 2015

Successful Branch Party!

Hello Everyone,

This week was amazing we had an activity, the Jackson Fall Party. We had it at the Knight’s barn and it was a success!!! We had about 120 people there! Everyone had a great time.  We had 9 nonmembers there as well.  The Wicklunds who I have been working with for 5 months now finally came to a church activity!  Yes!  It was a miracle that she and her husband came to it.  That was the best part of the week for me.  Plus she didn't just show up, she was talking with everyone there, which was awesome.  On Sunday unfortunately we did not have 120 people but we have seen an improvement with attendance.

We were not able to get in touch with Debby this week.  She wasn't there the two times we stopped by her place but we are still hoping to meet with her husband soon.

Elder Zwick really help me out and the whole spiritually progression chart was really insightful. So with that I am striving to study what is important and to be as obedient as I can so that I can have the spirit to be with me!  

Shout out to Bro. Marchman!

Thank you all for reading this email!

I don't know what this really is but I got a picture of it!

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