Monday, November 16, 2015

Long Letter This Week

Hello Everyone,

This past week was a blur the longer I am out the faster time flies!!!  I'm going to have to start taking Bro. Wilcox’s advice and start counting the days!

Last P-day, after we emailed, we went to Five Guys for lunch.  When you don't have a lot of money for the month, Five Guys is not a place to go.  But it was really good!  And finally we have a Walmart in our area!!!  Yes!  Anyways, we went and played basketball and chair soccer with a few elders in the zone.  After which, since the week before was such a weird week and we were not able to plan like we had hoped, we finished planning.

Tuesday, as usual, we had district meeting.  We talked about how we need to show our love to the members and our investigators by our diligence.  We been trying to get David on a team up with us but every time we go see someone they are not home.  So we just went over to his place and talked to him about the Melchizedek priesthood.  After which we went finding for the rest of the day!  We had dinner with the Segovia's.  Sister Segovia is a really good cook.  She make us chipotle salad.  Really good family.  The kid are baptized but the mom and dad are not.

Wednesday we helped the elders [quorum] with some service with Sis Brice and a charity that she runs.  We helped move a few things for her.  Later that day we went and saw the Flores family.  Big family.  We are trying to get them back into church because the oldest daughters are not baptized and they need to come to church.  Thursday we had dinner with the Hardy's.  Another really nice family.  Bro. Hardy was the previous ward mission leader.  After dinner we hurried over to Twin oaks to do a baptism interview.   Long story short is that the zone leaders taught the so we had to do it [interviews].   But he wasn't there so it was for not.   But I got to talk to Sis Lund who I had not gotten to talked to since we left the mtc.

Friday we went and saw Cody who is studying to be a preacher.  We tried to talk to him.  After we talked to him we bounced and did some finding for a long time then we finally were able to see Mahonad to do the baptism interview.  I'm glad it wasn't me who had to do it because this kid could barely speak English.  He was originally from Africa so he's still learning English.  Then we went over to Alex Rodriguez’ house and had dinner with him.  Funny story.  So they gave us this soup and it was pretty good for me but I guess my companion had a pig’s foot in his so he was [not] to happy about it.  Haha!  Whatever!!!  Then we met with Bro. Fraugher, Outlaw and David.  We are teaching them about the priesthood because they are about to get the Melchizedek priesthood.  We are there making sure they don't teach each other false doctrine.  But they are a whole lot of fun!  Last time Bro. Fraugher rapped for me about missionaries going and sharing the gospel!

Saturday we did some service by raking leaves for this part member family.   Welcome to Georgia!  We raked 23 bags of leaves.  But we got doughnuts, so it was worth it.  Did finding for the rest of the day.  There was a dance at the church building for all the stakes in the mission so we decided that we needed to go to the bathroom because we were far away from our apartment.   All I have to say bad idea,

Sunday was pretty awesome.  We had a lot of meeting so we didn't get much done but we were able to get in contact with one of our investigators again.  Names are Fanny and Victor.  We hope to bring someone Spanish speaking along.

We had a miracle on Sunday.  We were sitting in ward counsel when I got text from someone saying, "Hey how’s your morning?  Do you know what time the reunion is at?"  And then again before I could reply with anything she said, "And can you send me the Address?"  So was like yeah we are going to get an investigator to church this Sunday and we don't even know who it’s going to be!  So I asked Elder Ashworth what the church address was and then I texted her the Address and time.  Boom!  We were sitting in sacrament meeting and she texted, "I'm running a bit late."  So we were like yes!  Someone’s coming!   Anyways to keep a long story short it turned out to be a less active who had not been to church in years.

Thank you for reading my email and Merry Christmas!

Zone Conference with Elder Zwick

No Soccer in Georgia!

Raking Lots of Leaves

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