Monday, January 18, 2016

Crazy Week with Unplanned Transfer!

Hello everyone,

This was a crazy week and probably none of you know what happened.  This week [my companion and I] had a few awesome last days together.  This week was a pretty different week with lots of good things happening.

When I was with Elder Reber we had a team up who went with us all day.  We were able to sit down and teach two lessons, one with a family of three and one with Keston.  Keston was on date but he fell off because he didn't come to church on Sunday.

But after having an awesome day with our team up with David we got home and got a call from President Foote.  He told us that there is a missionary struggling with obedience and that there will be an emergency transfer Thursday (last week).  He explained that they are going to do a three way change up so I was moved to the other elders in our ward and then elder Reber got a new companion and now I am companions with one of my favorite elders in the mission, Elder Facey who is from England!  But he does not really have an [English] accent anymore because he's on his last transfer so he sounds like an American.  Anyway, I now live in a member’s home.  The member’s name is Harry Smith.  We call him “President.”  He is a WWII veteran and he was a cop for 30 years.  He's a pretty cool guy.  

Elder Facey and I received a referral that the sisters got but they [referrals] live in our area so we went to see this family.  They came from Kenya Africa just a week ago!  We taught them the restoration.  Their son had to translate for them because they didn't understand English.  We had an awesome team up with Brother Bridges who invited them to church on Sunday.  And they came!  Which was exciting to see.   Five family members are baptism age.  This week we are going to go over and teach them with brother Bola who speaks French which is their native language.

Anyways, this week has been very eventful.  Thank you all for your prayers and support!

Elder Compton
4036 Oak Crest Dr.
Tucker, GA 30084

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