Monday, February 8, 2016

Doubled Dinner Appointments

Hello everyone,

This week was a good week.  We were able to teach a lot.  Elder Facey and I have been working hard this week.

On Tuesday we had a good problem.  We had doubled up dinner [appointments] on the same night at the same time but we quickly fixed it by going on a split with the two priests in the ward.  Elder Facey taught the Mays and I taught the Robinsons.  Both part member families.   So the was a pretty exciting day.

Wednesday was a really awesome day.  We got a call from the elders that there is a member who has friends moving from his ward into our ward boundaries.  [They requested] that we  go help them move. So we did.  Turns out they are not members but the member friend has been working on them for quite a while now.  We asked them if we could teach them and they said yes!  So we are excited to teach them!

Saturday we taught the Mutombo family.  Sounds like they have been going to his brother’s church.  The preacher there told them some misinformation on the Book of Mormon so they do not seem too excited anymore but we are trying to help them understand it better.  We found a member who is able to go out with us to teach them and she speaks French so hopefully we can get her and her husband and teach and fellowship them.    Also elder Talbot and I got to knock a few doors.  Elder Talbot is really good at talking with people.  Quite a talent he has.  I don't know if you know [remember] but he was my MTC companion.

These past few days I have been studying Lehi's dream.  This morning I read Nephi's interpretation of [the dream].

Have a great week everyone!

Elder Compton

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