Monday, February 1, 2016

Bike Problems and a Miracle

Hello Everyone,

This week we went over to the Mutomobo family we didn't teach them much.  We went to set a time to come over on Saturday.  And the best part is they read from the French Book of Mormon.  And they love it!  We didn't get to talk about it much because of well us not being able to speak their language and them not being able to understand us.  But they have been reading a lot from the sound of it.  Unfortunately we were unable to get them a ride to church so we will have to get them this week.  

This week in my personal study I've been reading about Ammon and his brethren and all the missionary work they were doing with the Lamanites.  This morning I read about the anti-Christ [Korihor] and when he tried to go to the land of Jershon where the people of Ammon were.  Verses 20 and 21 [Alma 30:20-21] explain that they were converted and there was no way the he [anti-Christ] could convince them to not believe in the truth and they cast him out.  That is a good example for us to have our converts be so converted that they cast out doubt when they first see it.

This week we were on bikes but not really because my companion’s bike is broken and so we have been walking everywhere.   But it’s been great.   Funny story, when Elder Facey’s bike broke along side the road we were looking at it and we hear someone call out and ask if we needed some help.  We were like yeah and the guy walked over and it was brother Danimen!  He was a member from Burnt Hickory who both Elder Facey and I knew.  So he gave us a ride back home, nice guy.

Anyway, have a great week everyone!

Elder Facey and Elder Compton

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