Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stranger Things

Hey Everyone,

Well this week was so cold!  But we pushed through it and were able to see most of our investigators.  Tuesday we made a lot of phone calls and tried to stay warm.  We were able to get in [to see our investigators] with a few members and teach 5 lessons with them.  Later that day we ran into the Sis. Escobar and she told us about a family who use to come to cub scouts with her husband.  We knocked on their door and Tommy, the husband, answered the door and was like, "Hey! You are from the Latter-Day Saints church right?"  We answered, “yeah we are.”  Anyway, he told us to stop by sometime and that we could teach them.  So we have big plans for them.  Also, we taught the Word of wisdom to Karolyn at the Mayes home with Elder Brown who works at the employment office.  It was an awesome lesson we had.  Elder Brown helped a lot in teaching and she committed to live the Word of Wisdom.

Wednesday was good.  We had zone training, and went to the temple.  It was really nice to go to the temple.  Fills me up with the spirit to last me a while.  Zone training was good.  I like how we talked about Chapter 8 in Preach my Gospel.  We learned a lot of different ways to be organized.  And I hope that my input was helpful.

Thursday we were walking through a neighborhood and we saw all these Hollywood trucks with lots of stuff.  Well they were filming "Stranger Things."  It’s a TV show that will be on Netflix soon they said so if ya’ want to see the ‘strange things’ missionaries walk through, go watch it.  

Friday we did an exchange.  First half of the day I went with Elder Reber and we went and taught the Johnson family the Plan of Salvation.  Then we had a member take us to lunch.  After that we did some finding and found a man named Mike and he invited us back.  Then elder Peterson and I went and saw Connie and Mailen.  Then we did some finding around them and talked to a lot of people.  Then we went and saw Jason and then set an appt. with Donna to come back and see her.  Then we ended the night over at the Robinson family for dinner.
On Sunday, Karolyn came to church so we were happy with that.  This week was ward conference.  During priesthood one of the counselors was teaching the lesson and he said, "’elder Straight Out of Compton’ what do you think of it is talking about in the second half of the this scripture?"  Anyways, I thought it was funny that he said that because most “hood” people always say something like that to me but not someone who is a doctor!
Anyway, I hope everyone had a great week!  Keep up the great work!  Love you all!

Elder Compton

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