Monday, November 17, 2014

Missionaries in the Bible Belt

Hey everyone!  How’s the snow!?!

This week we were able to teach a few lessons with our investigators.  Two with Vinson and we were blessed with Allen Robinson who was a former investigator.   Allen said he is waiting for an answer about whether he should be baptized or not.  He just needs to take step of faith.

That’s all that was too exciting last week.  The rest of the week was mostly was tracting.  On cool thing is that I saw the Provostgaards  [from Salem] at a baptism that the YSA elders had [on Saturday].  That was awesome!!  We talked for a while.  [The Provostgaards texted the pictures to Tammy that were recently posted on Tyler’s blog.]

On Tuesday we were going to contact some old past investigators and this man starts talking to us.  By the way he was talking he probably thought we were Jehovah Witnesses.  But we left him a card and we got his address.   He was willing for us to come and talk with him.  That’s what’s awesome here in the South... everyone is hot on the topic of religion.  Even high school kids are talking about it here.   Talking about religion with my friends was not something that I did a lot.  It’s kinda cool down here.  In schools they have a moment of silence every morning here in all the schools so that you can pray.  How awesome s that?!?!  Anyway, it’s awesome down here.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else but here.

I love the prayers that ya'll give the missionaries out here.  I testify that we need more!  Satan has been [working] harder.  I have heard of missionaries going home.   Pray for us!!   Lots!!

Love you all!   Keep on keepin’ on and never stop!

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