Monday, November 24, 2014

Tyler Shares a Testimony

This week was really cold and so we tried to stay inside as much as possible.  I got to go to the Sports Academy.  One of the sets of elders were trying to hand off a referral to us and the referral’s name is Martey.  Martey likes guns and hunting so it works out perfectly for me.  Thanksgiving is coming and the Binghams are feeding us.  Thursday we had elder Kopischke [1st Quorum of the Seventy.  Click Here for more info] come talked to us all day [at a zone conference].  It was awesome!! I learned so much.  He told us to stop worrying about numbers and to worry more about what the people need.  I went on exchanges with elder Reni who is my district leader.  He's a lot of fun.   We actually got to teach a lesson too!!!  It’s been a while since I have [taught a lesson].  We got to go eat at a Johnny’s BBQ the other day!  mmmmmhhh so good!  Ya'all should be jealous, ya’ hear!!  

Transfers are in a week in a half.  30 missionaries are going home and so some big changes coming here soon.  Anyway, I love you all!!  Love hearing about everything going on at home.

Missionaries to be, I testify that you need to get ready now!   When you get out here you will not have your friends to back you up on your beliefs.  You come out here with just your companion and people telling you that you’re wrong and that you’re part of a cult.  [Your testimony is] like your muscles.  You have to work your muscles to be strong.  It is the same with your spiritual muscles.  Don't come out here “thinking” is the gospel true?  I testify if you come to “know” that you will have peace of mind and your mission will be a lot easier from the beginning.  Love you all.  Keep up the good work. 

I just want to share my testimony of everything.   I know that the Savior lives and he truly does love each one of us and he has a plan each one of us to make us better.  A good video to watch is the new Mormon Messages (the one that just came out) [I think that the latest one is this one].  This missionary work is truly amazing to see.  We have 88,000 20 years old serving missions...  think about it,  if this wasn’t true, why would 88,000 thousand selfish 20 year olds go on a mission and live strict rules and schedules.  There must be something good about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  But I can testify it is the way our Savior wants us to live and that he wants us to [serve] because it will make us happy and one day [help us to ] become like him.  The Book of Mormon is truly inspired.  Satan tries to keep us from reading it because he knows he will lose all power when we read it.  If you feel like you are stuck and can’t get out of Satan’s grasp, then read the Book of Mormon more and you will be freed by it.  I testify of these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Recent Rain Storm

Recent Rain Storm

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