Monday, November 10, 2014

Southern BBQ and Some Pictures

This week we ate at a member’s house who received an award winning of the South BBQ.  Dang it was good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Baked beans and [everything was] oh so good.

We found a guy by the name of Joe right in our neighborhood.  He loves the Savior so he loves us and we are teaching him this week some time.  I am excited because this will be our first solid appointment this transfer.  I hope so that’s that.

I went on an exchange with a missionary who has been out for 2 weeks and so two greenies rockin’ the Powder Springs area.

That is about all.  One more thing, we had zone meeting this [past] Friday and went to the temple so that was great.  Anyway, check out the pictures.  I enjoy getting your letters from you all!!!  Love ya'all at home and miss ya!  Bye!

Elder Bowcutt with Elder Compton

Compton Elementary

Elder Compton has a playhouse in his back yard in Powder Springs!

Classic Vinyls!  Contacting in the record store.

Classic Vinyls! Contacting in the record store.

Elder Compton's "apartment"

Where's Waldo (Elder Compton)

Where's Waldo (Elder Compton)

Where's Waldo (Elder Compton)

Where's Waldo (Elder Compton)

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