Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Week!

Hello everyone,

This week was filled with lots of “excitingness”!  Joe came to church.  So that was good.  On Christmas eve we went around delivering Christmas goodies to our investigators and it think it softened hearts as well we have this one investigator who is kind of weird... I don't know, you would have to meet him, but I think when he got these cookies he felt that we were genuine.  So I think some good things happened with him.  We also visited this couple and gave them cookies and they were like, come back tomorrow and we will give you some BBQ.  So we came back on Christmas day and had some BBQ and were able to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a little bit about what we do. 

I was able to talk to my family briefly and they are doing well and happy.  They got some snow as you may know. 

Just yesterday we had a lesson over at Bishop Black’s House with Joe about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He had some questions which I think is awesome.  When your investigators have questions, you know that they really want to learn and they trust you.

Today right before we emailed we went up Kennesaw  Mountain [Battlefield National Park] and that was cool. See attached pictures. 

How was everyone’s Christmas this year!?!  Thank you family for Skyping me.  That was fun!  Oh, there’s a sweet cannon pic as well.  The family that took us was the Hunt family.  Super awesome family!  [They] love the missionaries!! They are one of like 5 families that are like "hey if you don’t have a dinner come on over."  So they are pretty cool like that.

Flea Market?

Missionary House - "The Burnt Hickory Country Club"


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