Monday, December 1, 2014

CYA Powder Springs!

Hello friends and family,
Wow!  We are a month away from Christmas.  haha!  so I get to Skype [my family] soon.  That will be fun.

Monday we played basketball and Tuesday we had an awesome district meeting.   A highlight of [the meeting] was when started to talk about our investigators.  Someone asked how do we help our investigators get an answer as to whether or not to be baptized.  One of the [senior] missionaries said let’s go to Moroni 10:3-5 and read what Moroni says.  Wow, how awesome it was!  Basically search, ponder, and pray.  So search is when we read the Book of Mormon.  Then we ponder about it and see if it would be of God and of Jesus Christ.  Finally we pray to the Father if it be true and with real intent, and the Holy Ghost will tell in [you in] your heart.  You can come to know it to be true.

Wednesday nothing really happened and it was a long day because we tracted [the entire day].  For Thanksgiving we worked in the [Stake] Family History Center and later we ate at the Binghams’ home.  They would not have had anyone for Thanksgiving so we changed that yeah for them.

But guess what!  I am transferring out [of Powder Springs].  Wahoooo!  Don’t send me anything here in Powder Springs because I won’t be here anymore.  It was kind of weird.  They “white washed” us in and now they are “white washing” and closing the area.  I don’t know yet where I am going.  I will let you know as soon as I know .  I am 4 1/2 months out and getting my fourth companion and third area.

Oh for ya'all that are cold back at home, it’s about 70 degrees today and nice and warm day for ya'll here.  So.... stay warm!  Love you all.  Thank you for the support you send me and prayers.


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