Monday, February 23, 2015

Chicken Feet!

Hello everyone,

This week was another week.  Weird stuff happened like it snowed on Wednesday and Thursday.   And it was really cold...  but it was fun.  So starting with last Monday…

We ate with the Shaws and they decided that we needed to try chicken feet and so they warmed them up in the microwave.  For anyone that wants to know, they taste like fat but feel like eating jello with a fatty taste.  Not something that I plan on eating ever again unless someone feeds them to us...  So that I would say that was enough excitement for the week.  But no!

Tuesday was pretty calm but Wednesday it was snowing and cold while we were on bikes.  I wasn't down for that.  So by five o'clock we went home and made calls...   Oh and did I forget to say that I was on exchanges so Thursday I was on a bike again...  but since it’s cold and it’s the South and people are nice, we got into more homes that day than most.

We were able to get in contact with all of our progressing investigators.  Also, we were able to meet with this lady named Nina.  She is willing to listen to us and we [are going to] teach her more but she’s not going to be easy.  We haven’t been able to see Joseph and Mary because of some drama with Joseph’s job.   We found this awesome lady Saturday and hope to meet with her.  She is very interested, so that is cool!

So we have transfers news!!!  Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  Well I am staying in Burnt hickory and so is my companion but they are closing the other elders’ area.  So we are kind of white washing but not really so it’s pretty exciting because we have the car to ourselves as well as all of the members, the “team ups”, and dinners.  So I am happy.  Oh and [we have] the whole house too!  They didnt leave us with very many investigators but they also haven’t really tracted much in the last 6 months so we will change that!

Thank you all for the love and support!  Love you all and miss you all!  Keep the Fatih!

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