Monday, February 9, 2015

Exchanges With The ZLs and Another Companionship

This week I went on exchanges with the zone leaders and then with the Burnt Hickory 1 elders.  So it was a busy week!  Elder Olive came to our area and I stayed.  We were able to meet with a less active and meet with an investigator Nina, and then we had a member take us to Jason’s house.  We were able to get him on date [baptism] for the 28th of February, so we are excited to work with him.  Then we were able to talk in companion study about The Destination and Route and how to use it in every lesson that we teach.  Elder Olive was able to make it very clear for me which was nice of him.

On Friday I went to Elder Argyle's area and we did some finding that day because they didn't have any set appointments.  But we were able to find three new investigators, so it was still a good day!

We had a little miracle on Thursday.  We were going to a potential investigator to get in contact and while we were trying to find the house, there was this one house that I could not stop looking at, so Elder Thurgood and I went and knocked on this door and we told him that we represent Christ and we wondered if he would like to say a prayer and so we did.  Then we asked him and if we could come back and share our message with him and he said yes come back!  So it was pretty exciting especially since it is hard to tract or knock doors in wealthy areas.

So elder Thurgood and I were going to go mtn. biking [today] but it rain last night so sadly that won’t happen this week.

This week was better than last week.  We were able to get another person on date for baptism for the 28th of February.  Hopefully it goes through.  Jason is his name.  He is a really nice guy.   He's been taught by other missionaries.  The only things holding him back are Word of Wisdom problems.  So if we can help [him] get over those problems he will be home free.  The crazy thing is he was found and was being taught as far back as when Jeff was on a mission!!!  Shout out to you Brother!!!!!

Joe is doing good other than he didn't come to church this week.  But we are trying to help him to have a spiritual moment by himself with his scriptures.  But he's a teenager in high school and girls and sports come first sometimes, but we are trying.  Joseph and Mary are doing good.  We were able to talk about the Destination and Route with them.  They have a Book of Mormon.  Joseph is having a hard time understanding it so we are trying help him understand the B of M style of writing.

This week we have Zone training SO WATCH OUT ON FACEBOOK!  YOU MIGHT SEE PICS OF ME ON THE ATLANTA GEORGIA MISSION PAGE!  [Be sure to like the “Georgia Atlanta LDS Mission - President John & Deborah Harding” on Facebook]

This week we had cleaning inspection and while I was cleaning I found a dead scorpion in the study room!  Kinda weird.  I thought scorpions only live in the desert [but I] guess not.

By the way, "Destination and Route"  is this the route of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the end.  Destinations are the gifts that God will give us if we follow the gospel of Jesus Christ which gifts are Eternal Life, Gift of the Holy Ghost, and a remission of sin.  That’s something we want in all of our lessons that we teach, door approaches, and everything we do in our [missionary] lives.  Powerful!

Wow so this letter is probably the longest of all.  So enjoy.  Thanks so much for the support and love that [I] get from all ya'all!  keep the Faith!  Ether 12

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