Monday, February 2, 2015

Playing Guitar

Hello everyone,

This week was hard.  We had like one member present for a lesson when we should have had like 8.  But appointments fell through and members fell through.

My companion and I got to go to a leadership training meeting since he is the district leader.  That was really uplifting.  We talked about member missionary work and how to get the members excited about missionary work and provide referrals.  We tried it and my companion and I got two referrals from one member just to start it off.  That was awesome because tracting in [affluent] areas is hard and is a big time killer.  It was really nice to get those referrals.  Then we taught Joe the plan of salvation again at the Coleman's and then we had some free time so we helped the Colemans take down some stuff from Christmas.  My companion almost died...  Bro Coleman is a CEO of the company that sells chicken to McDonalds and so he has a pretty big house.  It was my companion’s first time there so it was pretty funny.

Oh! Awesome thing!  We were able to teach Scott W and he is really cool.  He has guitars and drums so we taught a lesson for 30 mins, then we went and played guitars and drums.  It was a lot of fun playing and having a drum behind you is awesome!!!

We rode our bikes a lot this week since it’s the last week [out of miles].

So I know a lot of you have your mission calls or you are getting them soon, so I would really like to hear where you are going and when, so shoot me a letter as soon as you find out!   That would be awesome to hear!!!  Thank you for all the support that you give me!  Have an awesome day!!!

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