Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Good and Bad

Hello everyone,

This week is going to be short because I am at a member's house and we have limited time, so please forgive me.

This week was good and bad so we will start off with the bad news first.  By the end of the week we had zero people on date and we had to drop one of our investigators.  He told us that he wasn't ready to [be baptized] at that time so we told him that if he had the desire to change to give us a call and we would help him.  So that was sad to see.   Also, I was sick most of this week.

But we were able to get our member present lessons up and teach more so it made up for the sadness.  We were able to get back in touch with Tina and her kids (the big family we found).  That was good because we had an appointment with them.   The dad wasn't there but we were able to talk to the family.  [Tina] said that [her husband] was told by family that our church was bad.  That’s why we haven't been able to get them to church.  So things are looking good for them because the rest of the family love church!!!

We also plan on getting Joe back on date.  Really he just wants a little more time to prepare himself.  We had an awesome lesson with him last night we talked about how you feel the Holy Ghost and that it’s not a different feeling but that it’s a good feeling that we get is the Holy Ghost.  Joe told us he really liked it, and for a teenager to like a lesson like that is good, I would say.  We were not able to see Joseph and Mary.  They were busy and sick and I was sick so it didn't happen.  Joe's baptism date is going to be pushed back a bit but it’s going to happen soon-ish, hopefully while I am here.

Transfers are next [week] and I am hoping I can still call this home but we will see. love you all!!! thanks for the support and love!!!

Keep the Faith!!!!!!

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