Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Fast Week!

Hello everyone,

This week was probably my fastest week ever.  It flew by super quick!  Last P-day my companion and I went and played ping-pong over at the church.   It was a lot of fun.  We got to where we could put a lot of spin on the ball so we got pretty good.  As we were playing we got a call from bro. Harper and he saw our car at the church.  So he wanted to know what was up?  We let him in and he used to play in the Army so he kind of just destroyed us, but it was still really fun.  That night bro. Huddleston took us and we went to see Emma and Willie in Jenkinsburg.

The rest the week seems to mush together.  Friday we went on a time up with Bro. Denio to see an older-ish couple and he's a really funny guy and so he was able to open some doors for us.  He himself committed to get them to church in less than 4 weeks so that was pretty exciting to see.

This week we found that he have to go to Atlanta twice which is about one hundred miles round trip so we will be doing some walking and riding of the bikes!

I would like to inform “you’s all's” that you should give missionaries lots of "GOOD" referrals; ones that they can teach not just see.  To get a good referral is like getting a shot gun for Christmas!!!  Please be a blessing for a missionary in your area....but really, it’s like the greatest thing ever.

So recently I've been studying in "Jesus the Christ" and it is like the greatest book other than the scriptures.  I would highly recommend reading it.  I gave myself a haircut last night.  It’s not too bad doing the front but when it comes to the back, it was a challenge.

I love you all! Keep the Faith!

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