Friday, August 28, 2015

Lots of Detail This Week

Hello everyone,

The time goes too fast, especially when you’re having fun!  This week we found a lot of people and it was a lot of fun because we knocked the apartments a lot this week.

Monday we went and saw Bro. Price and we had frozen dinners with him.  Not the best dinner I've had out here but it was a lot of fun to talked to Brother Price.  He's a good guy.  We then went to see his friend who lived pretty close to him but he wasn't down to talk with us on Monday.  Oh well, [maybe] next time.

Then on Tuesday we had our district meeting and we got President [Foote’s] new rules and clarifications.  So that was kinda cool. I guess nothing really different.  Did some finding, then we went and saw Levi & Joyce.  They are doing good they been strong in the word of God and still coming to church.  Then we saw some people in Flovilla and then we had dinner with the Knights.

Wednesday we saw Sister Cox in the nursing home and talked to her a bit and read the BoM with her.  [She is a] sweet old lady.  Then we went up to Jackson lake and found a few part member families around Sister Kirkland’s and also saw Sister Kirkland and had dinner with her.

Thursday was really short because of weekly planning so we helped Sister Kirkland with her pond and then we rushed over to the Knolls where we had dinner with them.  Also, today we are going to sword fight with foam swords so it’s going to be fun.  That night we then saw Brother Swafford.  We talked to him and we are trying to help him overcome addictions.

Friday we saw my favorite Investigators, the Harpers, and then we did a ton of finding that day so it as a good day.

Saturday we did service for the Wicklunds and she made us breakfast.  We cut down some under growth and trees and stuff.  Then we had lunch and then went and saw Russell.  Russell has like ten guitars or more and a drum set so I took the chance to play with him.  He was on the drums and me on the guitar, it was a good time.  We then taught him about the three kingdoms of glory in 1 Corinthians 15.  It was a really good lesson for him.  He has more question, so he's still down to talk plus he enjoys playing with me!  Haha!

Sunday the Harpers came to church and that was a surprises.  After church we had dinner at the Stansel's and Brother Stansel went on a team up with us and we saw some people with him.  The rest of the night we went finding.

Thanks for reading my very long letter!  Keep praying for me!  Love ya all!

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