Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Two Trips to Atlanta

Hello everyone,

This week we were busy with meetings in Atlanta.  We had zone training up in Atlanta and we were able to go to the temple.  That is a blessing in and of its self.  I always try to have questions in mind of how to help our investigators and I usually get an answer.  So I invite ya'all to do the same in your life!

At our zone training we were instructed on what we should teach and the direction President Foote wants to go.  He put a strong empathizes on The Book Of Mormon and being exactly obedient.  The Book of Mormon making sure that we read it with our investigators and getting them to read on their own.  After zone training we were driving back and the gps did something weird and had us drive right through down town Atlanta at 5 pm on a Thursday so we hit the worst of it.  We didn't get back until like 8 pm that night so it was a long day in the car.

Early this week we had a lesson with Candy and our awesome team up didn't have a baby sitter so we had to go on our own, but were able to read from the book of Mormon with her and so we are excited.

Friday we had to go to Atlanta again for a doctor appointment and since I am the driver I got to go to midtown.  Oh boy!  Was that an adventure!  But we made it.  Afterwards we went and helped the Knolls put up a fence in their back yard.  Saturday we went finding most of the day and found this one neighborhood that like had not been “knocked” before which is really rare here.  But we were able to talk to this one guy who talked to missionaries while he was working down in Columbia (South America) and had a copy of the Doctrine in Covenants.   He is really cool and plays guitars.  He has like 10 guitars hanging on the wall of his house.  It reminded me of home, like yours dad!

This week was full of fun things that happened.

Thank you for your prayers and everything you do at home for me!  It means a lot!

Love you all!

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