Monday, August 10, 2015

Investigator from Burnt Hickory Baptized

This week was Awesome!  We saw a lot of miracles happen and we found a lot of people that were prepared.  Also, I was able to have Elder Platt come to my area and we had a very powerful exchange.  I hope it was a positive experience for him.  We were able to see a few of our less active members and read from the Book of Mormon.  Also we were able to see our investigators, the Harpers.  They had us for dinner and we shared a message with them.  While we were still up in the McDonough area we did some finding with members and we were able to find this man who has a younger family.  So we are going to see them Tuesday.

We found Russel about week and a half ago and he is a man who we studying with Elders up in South Carolina.  We were able to sit down and we talked about and read in the Book of Mormon.  Afterwards he told us it was true so we were so excited.  He also plays Guitars, Bass, and Drums so he and I jammed for a minute.  It was pretty cool.    Sunday, Levi & Joyce came home from Louisiana.  We are excited that they are back in town now.

This week is transfers and Elder Mac is leaving Jackson, off to white wash a new area and train as well so good luck to him!  I'm staying here to hold down the fort and to baptize as well.

Cool story.  I just found out about one of my investigators in Burnt Hickory who I had work with a lot was baptized just this past week.  I was super excited to hear about that.  It took him about 8 months from start to being baptized, but he did!

Thank you for all that you guys do!!!!

Bread that Tyler baked

The fence we helped build for the knolls

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